Optical Illusion Vision Test: Are the Blue Lines Parallel? You Have 7 Seconds to Figure Out!

Optical vision illusion test: are you bored? It’s time to cheer yourself up. Today we bring you a fascinating and mind-blowing optical illusion challenge that will surely lift your spirits and at the same time exercise your brain.

In current times, excessive artificial stimulation through social media has dulled our minds. The brain is one of the most important organs in our body and needs regular training. A sharp mind is the key to success and a fulfilled life.

And nothing works better for the mind than a good optical illusion or puzzle, especially ones that challenge vision. Check out the following optical illusion vision test to find out how sharp your visual acumen is.


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You have 7 seconds to find out if the blue lines are parallel!

Optical Illusion Vision Test

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Shown above is a famous optical illusion. There are four blue lines in a grid of black and white lines. The intersection of the blue lines and the grid lines have small square boxes, also black and white.

If you look closely at the image, you will see that the blue lines are curved or tilted. Sometimes they also seem parallel. Only the most astute individual can identify the true nature of the blue lines: parallel or curved?

Do you have what it takes? Let’s find out.

Remember, you only have 7 seconds to solve this optical illusion vision test. Take more and you will fail!

Your time starts now!

Optical Illusion Vision Test Solution

So do you have your answer? Are the blue lines parallel or curved? Count on the official solution below.

Optical Illusion Vision Test Solution

The blue lines are parallel

This is a famous optical illusion created by Victoria Skye. It is a variation of the cafe wall optical illusion and won the 2017 Illusion of the Year award.

The science behind this optical illusion vision test is simple.

The brain relies on shadows to judge the depth and orientation of objects. Dark tones, raised surfaces and different color combinations contribute to the perception of shadows. In this optical illusion, straight lines are combined with two alternating shades of blue. At the top, the black and white vertical grid lines are also added.

These variations confuse brain circuits, leading to misinterpretation of angles and line positions. Therefore, you see the blue lines curving and tilting when in reality they are perfectly straight and parallel.

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