Optical Illusion Test: Can You Spot All The Hidden Animals in 23 Seconds?

Optical illusion test: The brain and eyes are one of the most essential and complex organs in the human body. They allow us to see and experience the world around us. But sometimes our visual cortex can get confused, especially due to lack of use.

Staring at screens all the time has dulled our senses and shortened our attention span. It is necessary to keep the mind alert and the ability to observe to get ahead in life. And there is probably no better way to do this than by performing optical illusion tests. Today we have a fun but challenging optical illusion for you.

Many animals are hidden in the following image and you must detect and identify them all within 23 seconds. Do you have what it takes? It’s time to find out.\

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Optical illusion test: detect hidden animals in 23 seconds?

Optical illusion find animals

Above is an image consisting of several animals. But the problem is that you can’t see them directly because they are blurred and hidden. Plus, you only have 23 seconds to find them all. Take a look at the optical illusion as it will determine how smart you are.

You will have to use all your observation skills and your brain capacity to discover this optical illusion.

But keep in mind that you only have 23 seconds. Any more and you will fail!

Get prepared!

Your time starts NOW!

TIC Tac…

TIC Tac…

Half the time has already passed. You only have a few more seconds left.

Do I need a hint?

There are between 10 and 12 animals in the optical illusion.


Time is over.

Optical illusion test solution: how many animals are there?

So are you ready with your answer?

Check out the optical illusion solution below and count on your answers.

Optical illusion finds a solution for animals.

There are 12 animals hidden in the optical illusion.

From left to right they are the following:

1 polar bear

2 shark

3 wolf

4 squirrel

5 falcon

6 seal

7 skunk

8 reindeer

9 leopard

10 crane

11 fox

12 lizard

Did you see all the animals?

Most people can locate between 6 and 8 animals. Those with above-average observation can spot 10 animals, and only those with Superman eyes can identify all 12 animals. What category did you fall into? Tell us in the comments and don’t forget to share this optical illusion test with your friends and family.

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