Optical Illusion: Only highly intelligent people can spot 3 among a series of 8’s in 6 seconds!

Optical illusion: Images that trick your brain and challenge your ability to perceive things are known as “optical illusions.” Cognitive, physiological and literal visual illusions are the three types of optical illusions.

The unique ability of optical illusions to capture and hold the user’s attention for a period of time makes them fascinating.

These types of challenges can help prevent cognitive decline in adults by improving the brain’s ability to perceive and interpret visual information accurately.

With regular practice, one can quickly master the ability to solve optical illusion challenges.

Do you want to test your observation skills?

Then try this challenge now!

Optical Illusion: Only geniuses can find the toothbrush hidden in the image in 7 seconds. You are one of them?

Optical illusion: find 3 out of 8 in 6 seconds


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The image shows a series of the number 8.

As the title suggests, there is an odd number in the picture and you must find the odd number within 6 seconds.

These optical illusion challenges are an exciting way to test your observation and intelligence.

They are also a fun and engaging way to pass the time while improving your cognitive abilities.

Optical illusion: Can you spot two odd dice in the image in 7 seconds?

Did you find number 3 in 6 seconds?

The task of finding an odd number in 6 seconds is difficult.

Only those with exceptional observation skills will be able to locate the odd number within the time limit.

Patience and attention to detail are essential to successfully finding the odd number.

Did you find the odd number in this image?

Hurry; the clock is ticking.

Your time will soon run out.

Keep looking.

Any luck yet?


Time is over.

How many of you have found the odd number?

We believe that most of our discerning users have already found the odd number.


You have excellent observation skills.

Are you curious to know where the odd number is?

See the answer below.

Find the number 3 in 6 seconds – Solution

The odd number is 3 which can be located on the right side of the image, it is marked with a red circle to make it easy to identify.


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