Optical Illusion: Only geniuses can find the hidden toothbrush in the image within 7 seconds. Are you one of them?

Optical illusion: Illusion is derived from the Latin verb. delusion, which means to mock or deceive. Optical illusions play tricks on the human mind and are a great way to test your level of intelligence.

Not only is it a great way to show off your observation skills among friends and family, but also a great source of entertainment for everyone.

In addition to helping scientists in their research, optical illusions also help temporarily release the stress of our daily lives and provide healthy exercise for the brain.

Regularly practicing optical illusions can help improve attention and prevent cognitive decline in adults.

Do you want to test how attentive you are?

Then try this quick challenge now.

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Optical illusion: find the toothbrush in 7 seconds


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The image shared above shows a boat scene in which a group of people can be seen on a boat at sea.

A toothbrush is cleverly hidden in the image and you have 7 seconds to find it and complete the challenge successfully.

Optical illusion challenges like these can help improve cognitive skills like attention to detail, problem solving, and critical thinking.

Practicing these types of activities can improve memory retention and increase overall mental agility, making it a great way to maintain brain health and prevent cognitive decline.

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Did you find the toothbrush in 7 seconds?

The task of finding a toothbrush in the picture is a good way to check your attention.

Only those with exceptional observation skills can locate the toothbrush within the time limit.

The toothbrush manages to skillfully blend into its surroundings, making it difficult to detect at first glance, making the task difficult even for the most experienced observers.

Attention to detail is required to find the toothbrush in the picture.

The toothbrush can be hidden anywhere in the image and you can easily spot it if you pay close attention.

Have you seen the toothbrush?

Hurry up; the clock is ticking.


The time limit has ended.

How many of you found a toothbrush in the picture?

We believe that some of the most attentive people have already discovered the toothbrush with its excellent observation ability.


Those who are still looking for a toothbrush can check the answer below.

Find the toothbrush in 7 seconds – Solution

The toothbrush can be seen on the left side of the picture, it is cleverly hidden on the edges of the ship located next to the guy in dark brown shorts.

Check it out here.


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