Optical Illusion: Finding the robin in this image is extremely hard. Would you try finding it?

Do you know what it means to find something hidden when it’s so small? No, we’re not talking about your lost sock, we’re talking about the little robin that’s been hidden from view for 5 long hours. Can you see the robin hiding in this picture?

Hey, does that seem like a fair deal to you? Well not really. While you help us find the hidden robin, we should also do something for you in return. How about we entertain you with some interesting facts about robins? That sounds like a good idea.


The deal is quite simple and direct. As two parties competent to enter into a contract, you and we will enter into an agreement that will be beneficial to both of us, perhaps even more beneficial to you than it is to us. Don’t worry, we’re not closing a deal based on money. We are also not going to tell you to make a payment or subscribe to anything. We will simply ask you a favor and, in return, we will entertain you with exciting knowledge. The task you are supposed to do here is simply to help us find the robin hidden in the picture. Don’t you think it’s a great challenge? Well, it surely is.

On the other hand, we will be bombarded with not one but a whole host of interesting facts about robins that you may have never heard or read before. Yes, this seems like a win-win deal, dear readers! Now that you have read the agreement and are still reading the blog so far, we assume that you have successfully given your consent.

Here we are starting to make the deal!

Interesting facts about robins that you may not know yet!

Fact No. 1: Robins are literally angry birds!

No, we’re not talking about the game here. Robins can become literally aggressive and vicious at times. Despite being super adorable birds, these birds can get really aggressive in fights. While they try to communicate peace within the fight through their body language and singing, sometimes things can get really heated. In such situations, these robins can even kill each other in fights.

Fact No. 2:

Robins can be very friendly with locals.

Yes, you can easily identify a local robin among a group of robins that have both migrant and local robins. It is not difficult to tell if the robin is local or has come from a distant place if you are local. Robins are friendlier to local humans.

Fact number 3:

They are known for their singing!

Male robins are passionate singers and often sing loudly and in duets with other male robins. Female robins, however, do not sing as much as males.

Wait, are we forgetting something? Oh yes, the challenge! While we have kept our promise, it is time for you to enter the picture. All you have to do is find the robin hidden in the image in no more than 10 seconds.

Find the hidden Robin in this image!


Image source: Mister Teach (YouTube)

Could you find the hidden robin?

For those who couldn’t find the hidden robin, we mention the answer below: Scroll down to see where the robin has been hiding all this time.

Here’s Robin hiding!


Image source: Mister Teach (YouTube)

Oh, dear Robin, you made us all leave our jobs to find you!

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