Optical Illusion: Beaches are beautiful places. Can you spot the hidden shell in the image?

Where do you think the mind relaxes the most? Is it the adventure park you’re always eager to visit? Well, the adventure park experience is perfect for increasing the adrenal rush, but it may not bring a relaxing experience to mind. Is the movie you’ve been waiting to release something that will relax your mind? No matter what the genre of the movie, light-emitting screens can be entertaining but not relaxing for the mind. Well, in the digital world we live in, we often fail to realize that the Almighty has already bestowed upon us not one, but a myriad of elements of nature that can act to eliminate stress.

For example, your favorite movie may please your sense of vision, but nothing can bring more energy and warmth to your eyes than the first rays of the sun. Sunsets, if observed closely, are so beautiful that they can actually be the epitome of a feeling of fulfillment. It’s no wonder that sunsets are a favorite subject for artists around the world. And oh, the moon is another gift from God to us. Search for beautiful songs and you will find how beautifully lyricists around the world have compared the love of their lives to the beautiful moon. In fact, a single view of the moon is enough to recall all the bittersweet memories of that special someone.

Did we forget to talk about water?

Nothing in this world can bring as much tranquility and a calming effect as water. Water is something capable of providing purity and passion, simplicity and electric energy, calm and strength. Visit any place with water and you will experience your emotional side coming out with every wave that touches your feet. It’s no surprise that the best places to find peace and fun are, without a doubt, the beaches!

The beaches are beautiful places. They are without a doubt the most relaxing places. And oh, the wonderful experience of a beach is not limited to just the waves. Also the sand, like an obedient lover, acts still and patient when the waves get clumsy. The sand is like a clean paper where the waves write their story. The sand that you walk on barefoot on your visit to the beach connects you with the present, while the waves that wash your feet make you wonder how surprising each wave of life that awaits you can be. And oh, the shells you find in the sand are like a photo from your childhood that you never knew existed but suddenly you find it and boom, that’s the most surprising element of your day.

Finding a hidden shell is another level of excitement. Today, we are all ready to bring the same excitement to your day with our special challenge.

Can you find a hidden shell?

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Today we will take you to visit the beach, not literally, but perhaps through our words and a picture below. All you are supposed to do is find the shell hidden in the sand. What will you get in return? Well, while we can’t personally give you a real shell, the joy of finding something in the sand and then achieving it makes your inner child overjoyed. That is the purpose of this blog.

Go ahead, put on your swimsuits, and get excited about this wavy challenge!

Find the shell hidden in the sand.


Image source: Good Housekeeping Service

Could you see the shell? How far did you go in the waves in search of the shell?

Here is the hidden shell!


Image source: Good Housekeeping Service

There were many readers who were able to find the hidden shell. We congratulate you. But we don’t blame those who couldn’t detect the shell. How can you look at the sand when the sight of the sun, which has a hard time saying goodbye to the waters, forced by the rules of the world, is so eternally fascinating?

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