Optical Illusion: Are you sure your toothpaste kills maximum germs? Find the hidden germ in the teeth.

Are you sure your toothpaste kills the most germs? Well, we doubt it.

All those toothpaste commercials have always made us believe that the beautiful, delicious-tasting toothbrush we use to clean our smile makes all the germs disappear and gives us the bright white smile we aspire to. We wake up in the morning, use our regular toothpaste, and assume our teeth are clean and we’re good to go. At night, before going to sleep, we follow the healthy rule of brushing our teeth twice a day, and thus we switch to the same toothpaste and think that we have gotten rid of all the germs that could attack us during the night. Why do we trust our toothpaste so much? Well, who wouldn’t if the commercials shown on television showed us how toothpaste can kill most germs, how dentists around the world have approved our toothpaste, and how brushing with toothpaste you use can give you a perfect white color? smile that you have worked hard to achieve. Dirty marketing tactics!

Well, what if we say that it is not safe to always trust the toothpaste brands we use? And oh, the way we brush our teeth may not be so healthy either or may be doing more harm than good. Wait, don’t worry, we are not launching any toothpaste brand nor are we going to promote any other brand. The point we are trying to make is that as smart customers, we should not always fall into the trap of famous brands that make big claims about cleaning and widening teeth, and two, the challenge of “finding the hidden object” which we have faced. It involves cleaning the teeth.

Well, you have seen those toothpaste ads where they show a set of teeth and try to demonstrate how their toothpaste has the power to erase maximum germs. Today we give you the opportunity to find the germ hidden in your teeth. But before that, take a look at the rules of the challenge.

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Challenge rules

The rules of the challenge are quite simple and straightforward. Actually, the challenge itself is simple. What makes the challenge a little challenging is the time we give you to find the hidden germ. Simply set a timer for 8 seconds on your phone. Now, start searching for the hidden germ the moment the timer starts. Stop just when the timer goes off. Now that you know all the rules, you’re ready to find the hidden germ in this freshly brushed teeth game.

Find the germ hidden in the teeth.


Image source: GIPHY

Despite brushing her teeth properly twice a day, the woman in this picture still had a germ on her teeth. Could you find the hidden germ?

Here is the hidden germ!


Image source: GIPHY

Phew! The germ was right in front. It is not surprising that many of his friends have already seen the hidden germ. That’s a shame.

The moral of the story is that simple toothpaste can’t save you from all the damage. Changes in diet are also required. Additionally, although we often focus only on the health of our teeth, the importance of gum health should never be ignored. Now that you have found the hidden germ, we promise you will face many more similar challenges. Until then, let’s go and brush our smiles.

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