Only true geniuses can find how many holes are in the T-shirt within 9 seconds!

This riddle is one of the most clever and tricky riddles circulating on the Internet. Many passionate puzzle solvers have failed to solve this puzzle. That’s why we brought you this. This is a test of your logical thinking and reasoning skills. Only people who possess the aforementioned skills will be able to solve this puzzle. Will you be able to do it? We’ll see.

Puzzle: how many holes are there in the t-shirt?

Check out this picture puzzle posted below.


Source: Cool Side

The image above is of a torn t-shirt. This puzzle is quite strange as it is quite different from what we have done before. However, it is still beneficial for you as it will test your logical and reasoning skills. Additionally, solving this puzzle requires you to use your common sense, which in turn will test your IQ. As you already know, you only have 9 seconds to solve this puzzle, so go and grab your phone. Set the timer for 9 seconds and begin.

All the best!

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Have you already solved this brain teaser? If not, then you should hurry up. Remember to apply your logic if you want to solve this puzzle. And your 9 seconds are up. Scroll down to see the solution.

Puzzle solution

This puzzle asked you to find how many holes there were in the torn t-shirt. Were you able to solve this problem? In case you were not, look no further, here is the solution:


Source: Cool Side

This torn green t-shirt has 8 holes in total. We hope you liked this.

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