Only the sharpest-eyed people can find 3 daughters of the man hidden in the picture within 9 seconds!

Optical illusions are puzzles made up of hallucinatory images that often hide something in plain sight. According to researchers, solving these illusory puzzles provides wonderful brain training, which can greatly improve your observation and problem-solving skills. Furthermore, solving these illusory riddles has been scientifically proven to improve your concentration power and improve your mood. So if you’re having a bad or boring day, solve an optical illusion puzzle. And if you’re looking for a way to test your observation skills, solve another optical puzzle.

Luckily, today we have an amazing puzzle prepared for you. This one will simply blow your mind at how easy it is to cheat. Are you ready to be blown away? We hope it is. Come on.

Find 3 daughters of the man in 9 seconds.


Image Source: Brainbashers

The image above is a side profile of a man who strangely resembles Abraham Lincoln. The man in the photo goes out to look for his three mischievous daughters, who are playing hide-and-seek with him. Now it is your duty to find the daughters of man. You have 9 seconds to find the 3 hidden women. Are you ready?

Only people with unique eyesight can spot the cat hidden behind the horizontal lines in 13 seconds!

Grab your phones, set your timers, and get started. All the best!

The daughters can only be found by people who have very keen eyesight. You are one of them? We’ll know once the 9-second timer ends. And when you do, scroll down to see if you’ve correctly solved this optical puzzle. Solving optical puzzles like this challenges your observation skills and attention to detail, as you are forced to look beyond what is in front of you. In some ways, these illusory riddles also boost your creativity as you have to think outside the box to find the hidden items or people in the image. Plus, they’re fun to solve, so you get the best of both worlds.

Let’s go back to the puzzle at hand. Have you found the daughters of man? We think his time is up. Scroll down and let’s see the solution, shall we?

You are a puzzle genius if you can spot the farmer’s wife in the picture within 7 seconds.

Optical Illusion Solution

This optical puzzle asked you to locate three daughters of the man in the image within the given time. Here are the three daughters of the man:


Image Source: Brainbashers

Congratulations to you if you were able to find all 3 women in 9 seconds. Those who couldn’t solve this optical puzzle, don’t be upset. You can try to solve these:

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