Only the most attentive can count the number of people in this old painting in 15 seconds!

Do you consider yourself attentive? If yes, then you must accept this mental challenge that we have prepared for you. This brain puzzle is made only for people who pay great attention to details and are observant. If you want to test yourself and have fun at the same time, then this riddle is for you.

Let’s test you and your skills! Are you ready for the challenge? Come on.

Brain Teaser Challenge: Count the number of people in the painting in 15 seconds!


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Take a good look at the image posted above. You can see an ancient painting of the Christian god Jesus Christ. There are several people hidden in this painting. The exact number of people hidden is unknown. And that’s exactly what you have to find. You have to count the number of people hidden in this box in 15 seconds. This puzzle is a test of your observation and attention skills. Successfully completing this brain puzzle will go a long way in improving your cognitive abilities. So are you up to the challenge? We hope you are. Your time starts now.

Grab your phone or laptop and set a timer for 15 seconds. Start the stopwatch and start searching. You have to count the total number of people in the box. Some of them are so well hidden that you won’t find them at first glance. You have to go really deep into the image if you want to find them all. We believe you can overcome this small challenge with great success. All the best!

If the challenge overwhelms you, we can give you a little hint.

Puzzle Clue: There are more than 20 but less than 25 people hidden in this puzzle. There you go. We hope that now you can solve the puzzle easily.

Meanwhile, one of the sheep has fallen asleep in this riddle. Can you see the sleeping sheep in the flock in 6 seconds?

The puzzles are meant to challenge your sensory nerves and brain. Solving these puzzles requires you to be imaginative, observant and creative. Look at the painting very carefully if you want to solve this puzzle. Hurry up. We think you’re about to run out of time.

Have you found all the hidden people? Scroll down to find the solution.

Puzzle solution

You were asked to count the number of people in the old box in 15 seconds. Here they are:


If you count all the yellow squares, you will notice that there are 22 people in the square.

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