Only Sherlock Holmes Can Spot The Second Giraffe Within 6 Seconds!

First we tell you an interesting story.

Auguste Dupin, the detective who inspired Arthur Conan Doyle’s fictional character, Sherlock Holmes. Dupin used his powers of logical reasoning to find a stolen letter that had eluded two exhaustive police searches.

The police assumed that the letter was hidden in a secret compartment or some other clever hiding place. They searched the suspect’s house from top to bottom, but could not find the letter. They finally came to the conclusion that the letter should not be on the premises.

Dupin, however, knew that the police had not found the letter because they were looking for it in the wrong places. The letter was visible, in a place where no one would think of looking for it.

What does this story tell us? Sometimes we try to find things based on our assumptions about their shape, size, or location, which in turn fools our perception.

Just like the story of the letter hidden in plain sight, today we present here an optical illusion created by artist Gianni A. Sarcone in which you have to detect the second giraffe hiding in plain sight in the scene.

Optical illusion intelligence test: only Sherlock Holmes can detect the second giraffe in 6 seconds!

hidden animals optical illusions images spot second giraffe

Here we have an illusion challenge that asks you to find the second giraffe in the picture. This illusory image is a perfect example of how our perception and assumption of hidden objects can deceive us. There is a second giraffe in this picture, but only people with detective skills like Sherlock Holmes can find it.

It may take you a few minutes to finally see it, as you may be searching with an assumption in mind about its shape and size. But you will be surprised to know the answer!

If you have read the previous story, then you know that when we search for a hidden object with a certain expectation about its appearance and location, we do not find it not because it is too well hidden but because we do not expect it. be visible to all.

Ready to prove that you have visual skills like Sherlock Holmes? Your time starts now!

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Did you see the giraffe hidden in the optical illusion in 6 seconds?

If you can’t spot the second giraffe, it may be because it might be contrary to your assumption about its shape, size, and appearance.

But congratulations to those who saw the second giraffe in the optical illusion image!

You are a visual master with exceptional spatial reasoning skills. You tend to explore challenges with an open mind and without expectations or assumptions.

Optical illusions of hidden animals with answers

However, if you are still looking for the second giraffe in this optical illusion. Don’t worry, we have shared the answer below.

hidden animals optical illusions images with answers

Did you enjoy this optical illusion?

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