Only 1 out of 5 can spot the wolf hiding in the woods within 11 seconds. Can you?

Optical illusions are optical phenomena that are both challenging and fascinating. These illusory riddles are often hallucinatory depictions or paintings of specific things and/or animals. They are visual phenomena in which our brain perceives something different from reality.

They can trick us into thinking things don’t really exist, or they can trick our eyes into seeing things that don’t exist.

The goal of optical illusion challenges is to try to find what is not there or is hidden in plain sight. And today we have for you a fun, exciting and challenging optical illusion.

Are you ready to be blown away?

Let’s start!

Optical illusion: discover the wolf in 11 seconds

Let’s take a look at today’s puzzle.


Source: YouTube (Dancing Cat)

In this optical illusion picture puzzle, you can see the view of the forest. There is a path that runs through the forest and you can see a man walking along it. Snow is falling everywhere and a wolf lurks somewhere in the forest. Now your objective is to detect the wolf in the indicated time. You can do it?

You are a good observer if you can see the snow leopard in the mountains within 8 seconds!

We believe you can. You have only 11 seconds to spot the animal hidden in the puzzle. Set your timer and get started. Good luck, guys!

The solution to this optical illusion puzzle is found at the end. Scroll down to see it.

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Optical Illusion Solution

The wolf is here:


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