No Man’s Sky power, Electrical Wires and Biofuel Reactors explained

No Man’s Sky Beyond has introduced electrical wiring to your galaxy, allowing you to bring power to your bases.

By building biofuel reactors and other power generators, such as solar panels, you can bring electricity to your base. By using electrical wiring, you can use this power to run a variety of machines that will aid you in your galactic travels.

Here we’ll walk you through building your first biofuel reactor and laying down your first set of electrical wiring, plus including some additional helpful tips along the way.

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How to add energy and build a biofuel reactor in No Man’s Sky

First, you’ll want to set up your first No Man’s Sky base and once you’re set up with the basics, you’ll want to introduce electricity. And to do that, you’ll need to build a biofuel reactor.

Find recovered data

The Biofuel Reactor Blueprints cost 1 Recovered Data, which means it’s time to put on the Analysis Visor and go hunting for buried tech once again.

You can recover recovered data by searching for the buried technology modules that you can find on the planets you visit.

Use your Scan Viewer to scan the nearby location for a buried Tech Module. You are an arrow icon pointing down, which has a wifi symbol. When you hover over the icon, you’ll see that you’re viewing the site of a buried technology module and how far away it is.

You’ll want to label the buried technology module so you can find it without having the analysis viewer enabled.

Once you reach the buried Tech Module, use your Terrain Manipulator to dig down to the Tech Module and retrieve the recovered data.

With this data in hand, return to your Construction Research Unit and grab the plans for the Biofuel Reactor.

Building a biofuel reactor in No Man’s Sky

To build a biofuel reactor, you will need:

  • 1 metal coating
  • 40 Oxygen

You’ll find oxygen using your mining ray on the surrounding plants and animals, while you’ll need 50 ferrite dust for the metal plating.

Once you have gathered your resources, you can build your first biofuel reactor.

Over time you will be able to build more efficient power sources, such as solar panels.

How to place electrical wiring in No Man’s Sky

Now that you have your power source, it’s time to install the electrical wiring.

You can find Electrical Wiring in the Build menu, in the Industrial branch of the Energy & Industry menu.

Don’t be afraid to install Electrical Wiring, because it costs nothing and is easy to remove.

When you lay electrical wiring, a glowing green ball will appear on the screen. This is the end of the cables you are running.

Plugs are shown by blue circles containing lightning bolts. You will want to run electrical wires between these symbols to connect them together.

Simply drag the glowing green ball to the lightning circle where you want to start placing the electrical cable. This will make the beam glow green. You can then drag the cable to the lightning bolt symbol you want to connect it to.

Once you’ve connected your biofuel reactor to the technology you want to power, you’ll need to fill your furnace tank.

You can fill your biofuel reactor with coal, condensed carbon, or oxygen.

Depending on how much you put it in, you will get a certain amount of burn time, which will be the amount of time your biofuel reactor will be able to power your base. The more resources you put into the furnace tank, the longer you will have electricity.

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Other Tips and Tricks for Electrical Wiring and Power in No Man’s Sky

Here are some important tips to remember when experimenting with the new power mechanics in No Man’s Sky Beyond:

  • Electrical wiring costs nothing. Take the time to experiment with placing and removing electrical wiring without fear of wasting resources.
  • Remember to unlock new technology in the Construction Research Unit. Recovering more recovered data will allow you to unlock more productive energy sources such as solar panels. So if you want a more sophisticated foundation, consider advancing through the various technological branches found in the Construction Research Unit.
  • Don’t waste all your carbon! Do not fill the furnace tank of your biofuel reactor with carbon if you are experimenting with a new design for your various technologies and electrical wiring. Instead, just add enough to make sure everything works correctly and that you like the design. Otherwise, you will end up wasting resources.

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