No Man’s Sky Freighters and Frigates – how to get Freighters, Frigates and a fleet explained

The freighters and frigates in No Man’s Sky have been reworked (or, in the case of frigates, added for the first time) in the big NEXT summer 2018 update.

Here on this page we’ll explain how to get freighters and frigates, as well as how fleets work and anything else worth knowing about the system in general.

Please note that our No Man’s Sky guides are being updated following the release of No Man’s Sky BEYOND. For now, this page may still have a lot of useful information, but please note that it needs updating! However, if you’re looking for more information on that big update, our guide to what’s new in the No Man’s Sky BEYOND update and its release time on Xbox One, PC, PS4, our big list of No Man’s Sky patch notes or our guide. Even No Man’s Sky’s new multiplayer mode and Nexus Hub are the best places to start!

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Freighters and Frigates Explained: What are frigates and freighters and how do they work in No Man’s Sky?

Freighters, and their new companions, frigates, are special spaceships that you can now own in No Man’s Sky, which can be used to complete missions to earn resources and money, or simply to store anything you want to save for a rainy day.


Like all things in No Man’s Sky these days, freighters are graded in terms of quality, from S at the top to classes A, B, and C. They come in various sizes, up to 48 slots in the main inventory (the first one you get has a random size) and are usually found floating in space.

The main purpose of a freighter is to use it as a mobile base of operations. You can build base items on board, go on expeditions to obtain resources, host your own farm on board so you can have a continuous stream of income, and use it for storage. They can be easily summoned (by clicking the D-pad on consoles and then selecting it from the menu), so essentially it’s a big storage unit and a base that follows you wherever you go – cool!


Frigates are smaller support ships that are located around your freighter. These are the things you actually send on missions from your Freighter’s command room (there’s a tutorial that walks you through all the essentials for this when you first get your Freighter for free), and again, they come in various grades of quality.

Where to control your frigates while on board the freighter.

Expeditions are pretty simple, that’s the point of them, but the main thing you need to know is that the more frigates you have, the greater their chances of success and, likewise, the more expeditions you can do at the same time.

How to get a free Freighter in No Man’s Sky

At the beginning of No Man’s Sky, you’ll move into a new system and a freighter, with some support ships, will burst into the area. You’ll be under attack, a “Battle Detected” notification will appear, and about half a dozen enemy ships will fly around you.

Eliminate the enemy ships (be careful when doing so, try not to properly damage the freighter!) and you will receive an incoming transmission from the freighter captain. Accept it and then board the freighter as you would a space station.

Follow the waypoint to the bridge and speak to the captain, and they will offer you the ship themselves, clearly relieved to have the chance to get rid of the hassle. With that, the Freigher is yours! There will be a short tutorial that you can follow afterwards that will also guide you in building your first freighter base.

Also note that this battle will still appear every time you enter a new system, so there’s no chance of missing it if you ran away the first time, and there’s also no reason not to get it over with and take the free Freighter whenever you feel like it. .

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How to get more frigates and freighters

Getting more frigates and freighters is pretty easy: just fly up to one and, in the case of freighters, talk to the captain like you did with the free one and decide if you want to buy it.

For frigate birds, fly close to them and they will greet you and invite you to come and inspect them. Fly over to the Frigate and you can inspect it like you would a spaceship and decide if you want to add it to your fleet. It’s as simple as that!

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