No Man’s Sky Bases: How to build a Base Computer, Construction Research Unit and Base Teleport Module

Building a base is a very important activity in No Man’s Sky, allowing you to build your own sanctuary among the lonely stars.

Bases provide protection from the environmental hazards that plague many of the planets you visit, while also offering you a safe place to store useful machinery, such as the Construction Research Unit and the Base Teleportation Module.

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Here we’ll walk you through building your first base in No Man’s Sky, including how to upgrade your multi-tool and find various materials.

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What are bases and base building in No Man’s Sky?

A base in No Man’s Sky is a hideout that you can build on the planets you visit throughout your journey through the stars. You can build as many Bases as you want.

The bases provided you with protection from any environmental hazards affecting the planet you visit and also a safe place to store any important technology you may need.

If you’re going to be on an inhospitable planet for a while, you’ll want a Base.

You can also use base teleportation modules to quickly travel between your various bases and any space station terminals that are connected to the network.

Base building is, of course, the process used to build a base. It’s a very simple mechanic that intuitively places prefabricated panels into place, allowing you to quickly build your Base regardless of the weather.

How to Build a Terrain Manipulator in No Man’s Sky

Before you can start building your base, you need to add a terrain manipulator to your multi-tool. This will allow you to mine various metals and objects buried on your new planet.

To create this terrain manipulator you need:

  • 2 carbon nanotubes
  • 2 dihydrogen gelatin

You should already know how to craft these materials, as they were important parts for repairing your ship.

In total, you will need to gather 80 dihydrogen for the two dihydrogen jellies and 100 carbon for the carbon nanotubes. Analyze any crystals you find while collecting dihydrogen, as they can be broken down for more resource.

Once you have crafted these materials, you can install the Terrain Manipulator by opening your multi-tool inventory and selecting the flashing option for this new technology.

Now you can start mining your new planet!

How to build a base computer in No Man’s Sky

If you want to build a base, you must first build a base computer.

For this you will need 40 chromatic metals and to do it you will need 80 copper.

To find a copper deposit, activate your Analysis Viewer and scan the surrounding area.

The symbol of a metal deposit is the shape of a diamond made up of four triangles. By hovering over the symbol, you’ll see what type of metal you’ll find there and how far away it is.

Once you find a copper deposit, you can tag it, allowing you to track it without constantly having your visor on.

When you reach the copper deposit, take out your terrain manipulator and mine 80 copper.

You must then process this copper into chromatic metal. To do this, deploy your Portable Refiner nearby.

First, feed the portable refiner with coal and then place the copper in the inlet. Now we just have to wait until it has been completed transformed into Chromatic Metal.

Remove your new stack of chromatic metal from the portable refiner and be sure to pick up your refiner again.

Don’t forget to take your Chromatic Metal out of the Portable Refiner.

Now you can build your first base computer.

Don’t just place it anywhere, find a place where you actually want to build a small base. We suggest doing this near where you parked your ship, as this is your first base and it will be quite small.

When you reach the ideal location for your new base, select the Base Computer from the Build Menu and place it.

How to build your first base in No Man’s Sky

To begin building your base, you must first activate the base computer to claim this area of ​​the planet as yours.

Next, you must search the base computer’s files and extract the blueprints hidden inside.

These plans are the first set of plans you will use to build a base and include:

  • wooden wall
  • wooden door frame
  • wooden floor panel
  • Wood roof
  • Flag 2
  • Lamp
  • Flora container

Once this is done, you can finally start building your first Base.

This Base will be built entirely of wood, which requires Carbon, so we suggest that before you start building, do a Carbon quest to save time later.

It’s time to go carbon hunting!

In total you will need 200 Carbon. You will also want to collect 10 Ferrite Dust.

You can find both resources using your Mining Beam on local plants and rocks.

The first step is to build the foundation, lay the foundation. To do this, select Wood Floor Panel from the Build menu and place it where you want your Base to be placed. Each wooden floor panel costs 20 carbons.

We suggest placing only one floor panel, because it is just a starting base and will save carbon. Feel free to experiment if you want, but remember: it will cost you more carbon!

Then come the walls. Each wooden wall costs 40 carbons, making the total of three walls 120 carbons. Like the floor panel, you find the wooden wall in the Build menu and can then place it around the edges of your base’s foundation.

Be sure to leave an open spot for the door frame you’ll add later.

Remember to leave space for the door.

What is a house without a roof?


Add a roof to your Base, as long as you are protected from the environmental hazards of your planet, by selecting it again from the Build Menu. Each wooden roof costs 20 carbon and 10 ferrite dust.

Finally, the last piece of your Base is the Wooden Door Frame.

A wooden door frame will cost you 40 carbons. Once this is done, you will have a complete Base.

How to Build a Construction Research Unit in No Man’s Sky

Now that you’ve built your Base, it’s time to put something on it.

Return to the base computer and extract some more blueprints. May have the ability to build a Construction Research Unit.

For this you will need:

  • 20 magnetized ferrite
  • 1 carbon nanotubes

You already know how to make carbon nanotubes, and you might even have enough carbon left over from your base building. If you don’t, you’ll need 50 Carbon.

The magnetized ferrite is found just as you found Cooper.

Turn on your Analysis Viewer and scan the local area until you find a Magnetized Ferrite Deposit. Tag the deposit and traverse the landscape, then use your Terrain Manipulator once more to extract 20 Magnetized Ferrites.

Return to your Base and you will be prompted to place the Portable Refiner. We suggest placing it and the Construction Research Unit inside your base, so that you are protected from environmental hazards while using them.

Open your Build Menu and go to the Laptop section of the Technology branch to build your Build Research Unit.

You can now use the Construction Research Unit to receive blueprints for several new technologies, such as a save beacon, and new structures that you can use to build better bases, such as windows.

You can unlock a variety of blueprints using the Construction Research Unit.

How to Find Recovered Data and Build a Base Teleport Module in No Man’s Sky

The first piece of new technology you can add to your base is the base teleport module.

A base teleport module will allow you to travel between your various bases and any space station terminals that are also connected to the network. This makes them an essential part of any base building.

To build a base teleport module, you will need:

  • 4 Metal coating
  • 2 carbon nanotubes
  • 40 sodium
  • 2 data recovered

In total, for the 2 carbon nanotubes you will need 100 carbon and you will need 200 ferrite powder for the 4 metal coatings.

Now you will be able to easily collect most of these resources and we have a guide dedicated to finding recovered data.

Use the Construction Research Unit and your newly recovered data to recover the plans for the base teleportation module. You can now build your first Base Teleport Module and due to its size we recommend placing it outside your first Base.

Take this time to gather any remaining materials you need, such as more sodium, and then open the construction menu. You’ll find the option for the Base Teleport Module in the General branch of the Technology menu.

You need electricity for the base teleportation module to work.

Fantastic! Now you have your own teleportation base module, but there’s one problem: it’s not turned on.

However, you can fix it by using power and electrical wiring.

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Other tips and tricks for building bases in No Man’s Sky

Here are some important tips to remember when building a base in No Man’s Sky:

  • You can name your Base! You can also change the name of each planet you visit. This will allow you to add some personality to your space travel and stretch those creative muscles. Or you could just name your planet Derek.
  • The bases protect you from environmental hazards. Being inside a Base will also allow you to recharge hazard protection without having to add any resources, such as sodium. So if you land on a particularly toxic planet, make building a new base your first task.

  • You can quickly create various materials. When creating materials, such as metal siding, hover over the material to have the option to create more of that material. This will allow you to quickly create more of this material and will stack it, saving you inventory space.

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