Nia Jax Height How Tall is Nia Jax?

Nia Jax Height How tall is Nia Jax?

Want to know how tall Nia Jax is? Then read this article and get the exact information about Nia Jax’s height. Nia Jax is an American professional wrestler born on May 29, 1984. Recently we can see fans searching for Nia Jax height; we have the same answer.

Nia Jax height and biography details are the most searched words by users. Those who have always wanted to know Nia Jax’s height can refer to the following information.

  • Nia Jax Height in cm- 183 cm
  • Nia Jax (m) – 1.83 m
  • Nia Jax ft- 6 ft

Now fans can find out how tall Nia Jax is. To know more about Nia Jax’s biography, please see the table below.


Nia Jax


American professional wrestler

date of birth

May 29, 1984

place of birth

Sydney, Australia

Age (as of 2023)

39 years old


183 cm



Country of Citizenship


Who is Nia Jax?

Nia Jax, whose real name is Savelina Fanene, is a prominent figure in the world of professional wrestling. She was born in Sydney, Australia on May 29, 1984 and had a major impact on the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) landscape. Nia Jax stands out not only for her impressive physique, but also for her groundbreaking role as a plus-size athlete in a sport that has historically favored traditional body types.

Nia Jax began her wrestling career in 2014 in NXT, WWE’s developmental territory. Her unique combination of strength, agility and charisma quickly captured the attention of fans and wrestling promoters. In 2016, she made her debut on WWE’s flagship show, Monday Night Raw. Throughout her WWE career, Nia has been a dominant force, often portrayed as a fierce and intimidating competitor.

In addition to her achievements in the ring, Nia Jax is an advocate for body positivity and self-acceptance. She uses her platform to encourage people to embrace their uniqueness and challenge traditional beauty standards. This advocacy has made her a role model to many, especially those struggling with body image issues.

Nia Jax’s presence in WWE not only expanded the diversity of its roster, but also helped change the wrestling world’s perception of beauty and athleticism. Her contributions to the sport and the broader conversation about body positivity have solidified her status as a noteworthy figure in contemporary professional wrestling.

real name

Saverina Fanene


Nia Jax

date of birth

May 29, 1984


Joseph Fanet, Renate Fanet




Nia Jax age

At 39, Nia Jax exudes positivity and proves that age is just a number in her incredible journey. Born in Sydney, Australia on May 29, 1984, she brought her unique brand of power and charisma to the world of professional wrestling. As she approaches 40, Nia Jax continues to inspire and empower fans around the world. Her presence in WWE not only shattered stereotypes but also broke down barriers, making her an iconic figure in the industry.

With roots in Australia and the United States, Nia Jax’s diverse background enhances her global appeal. Her unwavering dedication to her craft, combined with her advocacy for body positivity, makes her a beacon of hope for those who look up to her. As Nia Jax heads into the next chapter of her life and career, she reminds us all that age is an asset, bringing wisdom and experience to every endeavor. Her story continues to inspire and uplift, and promises even greater achievements in the years to come.

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Nia Jax nationality

Nia Jax, whose real name is Savelina Fanene, holds dual citizenship. She was born in Sydney, Australia on May 29, 1984, giving her Australian nationality by birth. Yet her family background is deeply rooted in the United States. Her father is former professional wrestler Joseph Fanene, establishing her American citizenship through her ancestry. This dual citizenship played a significant role in shaping Nia Jax’s identity and career.

Growing up in a family with ties to wrestling, she was exposed to the world of professional wrestling at an early age, which ultimately led to her pursuing a career in the industry. Nia Jax’s dual citizenship reflects the diverse and multicultural nature of the world of professional wrestling. . Her unique background adds depth to her character, making her relatable to audiences around the world. She has embraced both sides of her heritage, proudly representing Australia and the United States in WWE competitions.

Nia Jax’s nationality is a testament to the global appeal of professional wrestling and a wrestler’s unique journey to success in this dynamic and inclusive sport.

Nia Jax acting career

  • Introduction: Nia Jax is a famous professional wrestler who had a brilliant career in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). Her journey in WWE has been filled with highs and lows, including a brief stint in 2021 before a triumphant return to full-time wrestling on RAW.

  • Early Life and Diverse Background: Before entering the world of professional wrestling, Nia Jax had a diverse background. She is an excellent basketball player and a plus size model. Interestingly, she explored martial arts such as karate, taekwondo, and judo in her early years, although she was often asked to cease these activities for unintentionally hurting others.

  • Family Ties: Jax’s family background is noteworthy. Her father, Joseph Fanene, is a professional wrestler of Samoan descent, while her mother, Renate Fanene, is of German descent. It’s worth noting that Nia Jax and Roman Reigns share a common lineage, dating back to the famous Anoy family.

  • Career-Defining Moments: Nia Jax’s career is filled with several defining moments. Two of the biggest moments include her participation in the men’s Royal Rumble match, a groundbreaking move that challenged wrestling’s gender norms, and her capture of the Raw Women’s Championship at WrestleMania, the pinnacle of WWE’s achievements. Fans can relive Nia Jax’s top 10 career-defining moments by watching a compilation video on platforms like YouTube.

Nia Jax Achievements and Awards

Here are some of Nia Jax’s notable awards and achievements:

  • Raw Women’s Championship at WrestleMania 34: In 2018, Nia Jax achieved a major milestone by winning the Raw Women’s Championship at WrestleMania 34. The win not only solidified her status as a top star in WWE, but also showcased her wrestling prowess on one of the biggest stages in the industry.

  • Win at WWE Evolution Battle Royal (2018): Nia Jax’s victory at the 2018 WWE Evolution Battle Royal further highlighted her dominance in women’s wrestling. The event was significant because it was WWE’s first-ever all-female pay-per-view show, highlighting the depth of female talent in the company.

  • PWI Women’s Top 50 (2017): Nia Jax’s inclusion in the 2017 PWI Women’s 50 is a testament to her impact on the wrestling community. This prestigious ranking recognizes her contribution to the industry by naming her one of the top 50 female singles wrestlers.

  • Association of National Advertisers’ #SeeHER Now Award: Outside of the wrestling ring, Nia Jax also received the Association of National Advertisers’ #SeeHER Now Award. The award marks her role in promoting gender equality and positive images of women in the media, further cementing her status as a trailblazer within and beyond the wrestling community.

  • WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship (twice, w. Shayna Baszler): Nia Jax’s success in the tag team with Shayna Baszler was another highlight of her career. Winning the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship twice proved her versatility and ability as a team player.

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