Math Riddles: Do You Have A High IQ? Solve These Figures and Find the Missing Number!

Math Puzzle Challenge: Can you find the missing numbers in the place of the question mark in this math puzzle figure? Check your IQ! Cryptic math riddles are best to train your brain for all math lovers. Well, we bring you another series of tricky math puzzles where you have to find the missing numbers instead of the question marks.

You can do it? Let’s see if you can find the missing number in 30 seconds!

What will be in the place of? Brand. Suppose Fig.2 works with the same pattern as Fig.1.

Here are two figures!


In each figure, the numbers are represented in a certain pattern and you are supposed to find the number at the place of the question mark in figure 2.

You have 30 seconds to solve this cryptic equation. Give it a try!




Time is over!

Let’s see the solution now!

It is important to understand the correct approach to attempting this type of problem. As you can notice here there are series of numbers represented horizontally and vertically. If you look closely, you may think that there is no clue about the numbers represented vertically, but eventually you will notice that a clear pattern is observed in the numbers represented horizontally.

Let’s look at Figure 1


Figure 1

If we see the first row of numbers in Figure 1, you can apply the logic of adding the first and last numbers of the blocks and then dividing the result by two. You will see that the resulting number is the second number in the row.

77 + 163 = 240

Now you can divide the result by 2.

240÷2 = 120

The resulting number is the second number which is 120.


Similarly, in the second row of numbers, the first and last numbers are 97 plus 87, which is equal to 184, divide the result by 2, which is 184 by 2. The resulting number is the second number, which is 92.



184÷2 = 92

Let’s look at figure 2

Let’s look at the second figure with the mystery number!


Figure 2

Similarly, in figure 2 the numbers follow the same pattern as in figure 1. To get the missing number, you can apply similar logic.

To confirm that both figures follow the same logic, let’s look at the first row of the second figure.

When we add the first and last numbers in the blocks made in the first row we can see that the same logic applies.

If you add 99 and 87 and then divide the result by 2 you will get the middle number 83.

99+87= 166

166÷2= 83

Therefore, proven


Now consider the row with the missing number which is the second row.

Add the first and last number, which is 81 plus 63, which equals 144. Now divide it by 2, which equals 72, which is the missing year, so the answer to this riddle is 72.





Missing number: 72


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