Mama Luna Got A New Cat. Can You Find What Is Wrong In The Brain Teaser Within 9 Seconds? Try Your Luck!

Goldie and her bear family attacked Mom and her little cat house while they were finding Puss in Boots. While the Cat gets a clue about the map, Mama Moon decided to have more cats in the house. But something is surely wrong this time in the cat’s house. Can you find the only error hidden in the image?


The image above is a puzzle that you must solve. This brain teaser will test your skills like creativity and power of observation instead of logic and mathematical formulas. And as a result, it will strengthen the connection between brain cells, increasing your mental agility.

Puzzles require an unparalleled mindset, along with exceptional creativity and logical reasoning. In case you find it difficult, just use your qualitative skills and visual acuity to find the error in the image.

A brain teaser is a puzzle that requires creative and logical thinking. Your ability to think and make decisions will thus improve with each attempt. The mental game will also help solve larger problems and develop critical intuitions and observation skills.

What’s in the picture?

The image shows an old woman with her cats. And your task is to find the error hidden in the image. Now, go through all the corners and use her skills like logical reasoning, power of observation and other skills to conclude this mental exercise.

Remember, your goal is to find the error in the image.

And you only have 9 seconds to complete this mental exercise.




Enough suspense and discreet background music, let’s get to the answer.


Solving exciting puzzles is not only a pleasure for the eyes, but also important for the brain. Since it improves cognitive and problem-solving skills and memory acuity.

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