MAFS UK are Erica and Jordan Still Together 2023?

MAFS UK Are Erica and Jordan still together in 2023?

It’s unclear if Erica and Jordan from Married at First Sight are still together. Fans have been curious about the status of their relationship, especially after Erica was spotted without her wedding ring. In response to inquiries, Erica clarified that participants are not allowed to wear rings in order to maintain the suspense of the show and not reveal which couples are still together.

While Erica and Jordan both shared posts about their wedding, no further updates were provided on their relationship status, leaving viewers in suspense about the outcome of their journey on the show.

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Who is Erica?

Erica is a 25-year-old dance teacher and social media manager from Edinburgh. Frustrated by previous unsuccessful relationships, she decided to join Married at First Sight UK in the hope of finding love and stability.

Her family was initially surprised by her decision, but they supported her choice. Erica’s experience on the show was fraught with challenges, including difficulty connecting with some of the other participants. Despite the obstacles, she remains hopeful about finding the right partner.

Name Erica
age 25 years old
Profession Dance Teacher and Social Media Manager
hometown Edinburgh


Who is Jordan?

Jordan, 26, from Sheffield, works as a personal trainer. He is passionate about fitness, provides fitness tips online, and has a strong desire to find a like-minded partner.

His appearance on Married at First Sight showed his commitment to finding love and companionship. Jordan’s dedication to his fitness journey is obvious and he appreciates the opportunity to meet special people through the show.

Name Jordan
birth year 1993
age 28
Profession personal trainer
hometown Sheffield (now lives in Cardiff, South Wales)

Marry at first sight

Married at First Sight is a British television show about people who have never met before getting married. Some experts choose them together. They only meet on the eve of the wedding. After getting married, they lived together for a while.

They then decide whether they want to stay married in a special ceremony. In November 2020, the show was moved to another channel called E4 in 2021. It will be in the same style as the successful Australian version at E4. Because season six did so well, they decided to make a longer season seven (30 episodes) and a longer season eight (37 episodes).

Married at First Sight cast list

throw age Profession
Luke Worley 30 sales Executive
Jay Howard 31 Sales Team Leader
Arthur Polumba 34 tennis coach
Laura Vaughan 34 financial manager
Thomas Kriyaras 27 investment newsletter
Rosalinda Clinton 28 flower shop
Nathaniel Valentino 36 Event Marketing Manager
Ella Morgan Clark 29 clinical consultant
George Bertono 30 Sports Rehabilitation Therapist
Peggy Ross 32 Technology Risk Partners
Paul Lipa 26 account Manager
Tasha Jay 25 child care assistant
Terrence Edwards 40 young workers
Porsha Pennell 36 Administrative Assistant
Brad Skelly 27 Model
Shona Manderson 31 performing arts teacher

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