Lost Ark Salt Giant spawn location, strategy, and drops

Salt Giant is a boss found in one of the first areas of Lost Ark.

These are worth tracking down as by defeating world bosses you can get some decent drops. Although he is a level 19 boss, he is a difficult opponent, so you will have a hard time fighting him without the help of others.

This page explains where you can find the Salt Giant’s spawn location, possible Salt Giant drops, and of course, a strategy to take him down.

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Salt Giant Location and Spawn

Salt Giant is the level 19 world boss in Lost Ark that can be found in Saland Hill, an area in Yudia.

Specifically, Salt Giant appears in the central area of ​​the Aregal Salt Plains. The closest teleport to get to is the tripod in Nomad Camp.

The salt giant appears every 30 minutes. It is important to know that Lost Ark has a large number of channels for each area, which function as different instances.

In case you’re in the right place, but Salt Giant hasn’t spawned yet, you can switch to another channel and see if it’s up there. You’ll know Salt Giant is nearby because of a red mark on the ground indicating the area it is in.

Salt Giant Strategy: How to beat the Salt Giant boss

This fight is pretty simple, but you need to pay attention to positioning to avoid the Salt Giant’s attack. As usual in Lost Ark, the boss will not keep attacking the same character throughout the fight, as his aggro is random.

From time to time it will change. In case you are not playing a tankier class and it is chosen as the next boss target, simply run around for a while until it chooses another one.

For most of the fight, Salt Giant uses basic attacks, hitting players, or a semi-circular explosive attack. The boss’s most dangerous attack is a circular charging area of ​​effect around him.

Although it’s telegraphed by a red circle and the boss’s arm-raising motion, it can be tricky to avoid if you’re not paying attention, as it happens considerably quickly.

In case you are playing a melee class, such as a martial artist, you may want to save your dash for when Salt Giant uses this attack.

Salt Giant Drops and Rewards

Once the fight is over, you will earn some epic pieces of equipment and an epic chest.

From the opening, you can get more equipment, cards to equip, consumables, maps of secret locations. However, this chest drops only after your first death.

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