Lost Ark Dalian Orchard Secret area location, quest rewards

Dalian Orchard Secret is a hidden quest in Lost Ark. Completing it will help you get more experience and some good quest rewards.

In Lost Ark, there are many quests that will only start after you drop the correct item. Some of these quests take players to hidden locations to find treasure.

Dalian Orchard Secret is one of them and it is an activity that you can do on your own. It’s easy to overlook this quest, as not only do you need to find the right item to start, but you also need to find a hidden location that isn’t marked on your map.

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How to start the Rambutan Orchard secret area quest

You can get the quest ‘The Secret of Dalian Orchard’ which will ask you to find the secret place in Flowering Orchard. This is an area in the East Luterra region. The closest teleport is the Sien Inn tripod.

The precondition for starting the quest is to first find the Storage Key item from Connie’s Orchard. You can drop it by killing Orchard Weevils, beetle-like creatures that you can find in the West Sien Inn. You may have to remove more than one of these as it takes some time for the key to drop.

Connie’s Orchard Storage Key is a consumable item that, once used, adds the quest “The Secret of Dalian Orchard” to your journal. However, you still need to find where you should go next!

Lost Ark Rambutan Orchard Secret Area Location

From there, the location of the Rambutan Orchard secret area is in Flowering Orchard.

To find it easier, you can teleport to the Sien Inn Tripod and head west until you find a small drop-off. Descending will take you to a small cabin with a glowing circle on the ground.

Open the door and you will find Moonshiner Marco who you must talk to to complete the mission.

Rambuntan Orchard Secret Rewards

By completing the quest ‘The Secret of Dalian Orchard’, you gain experience, squad experience, silver, and an epic battle item selection chest. This contains a variety of battle items from which you must choose only one.

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