How to tap to pick up items with Warzone’s Contextual Tap and Black Ops: Cold War’s Prioritize Interact explained

If you’re tired of holding down buttons, here’s how Contextual Tap and Prioritize Interact work in Warzone and Black Ops Cold War.

The Contextual Tap options in Warzone and Black Ops: Prioritize Interact in Cold War allow you to change the way you pick up items when using a controller.

This isn’t a new setting, but it can be easily missed if you didn’t know about it beforehand. Considering the game is constantly changing with new seasonal updates, there’s never a bad opportunity to try this option out and see if you fancy it.

If you want to stop holding the interact button and instead tap to pick up items, this guide will cover how Contextual Tap works in Warzone and how Prioritize Interact works in Black Ops: Cold War, along with the steps to activate both.

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What is Contextual Tap in Warzone and prioritizing interaction in Black Ops: Cold War?

Contextual Tap and Prioritize Interact is a unique option with a different name in the settings menu that changes the behavior of the interaction button when using a controller. Every time you approach a weapon or an item on the ground and other surfaces, a prompt appears to pick up the item.

By default, you must hold down the interaction button (X on Xbox, Square on PlayStation) for a short moment to perform the action. But Contextual Tap and Prioritize Interact change this so you can tap to pick up items.

Doing so can be beneficial, as looting will be much faster in comparison, as will actions such as opening doors or entering vehicles. But keep in mind that this slightly affects the reloading of your weapon.

If you press the interact button without any interactive objects or actions nearby, you will reload your weapon. If you’re near something that prompts you, you’ll have to hold down the button to reload. Make sure to keep this in mind if you’re in a vehicle, as you’ll automatically jump out of it when you touch it!

How to activate contextual touch in Warzone

The way to get Contextual Tap is pretty simple and shouldn’t take you more than a couple of seconds, as detailed below:

  1. Go to Options menu
  2. Go to the Controller tab
  3. Scroll to the Weapons section.
  4. Look for the Use/Reload behavior option
  5. Switch to contextual touch

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How to activate Prioritize interaction in Black Ops: Cold War

If you are playing Black Ops Cold War, you can opt for the same option; The only difference is in the name and its location:

  1. Go to Options menu
  2. Go to the Controller tab
  3. Scroll to the Advanced section
  4. Look for the Use/Reload behavior option
  5. Change to prioritize interacting

That’s all. It may take some getting used to, but we hope you find it useful. Enjoy your looting faster!

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