How to get Titan Summon and guardian sanctuaries in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Summons are one of the most powerful spells in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, allowing you to summon a giant deity to fight alongside your party and unleash powerful abilities when you’ve taken enough damage during a tough battle.

The good news is that you start the game with quite a few Final Fantasy 7 Remake summon materials. However, there are also many new summon materials available in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, and Titan is the first one you have a chance to unlock. This is a forceful summon that deals a lot of non-elemental damage (technically, it’s earth-based, but this game only has four elements).

Obtaining Summon Materia is similar to Final Fantasy 7 Remake in that you must complete one of Chadley’s combat challenges. However, you will also probably find it much more difficult than expected, so there are a few more steps to take before continuing with this.

This guide explains how to obtain the Titan Summon Materia and how to weaken Titan with Guardian Shrines.

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Guardian Shrines in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Explained

Each region in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth has its own summon entity, with Titan being the summon entity in the Grasslands region. You get the chance to fight Titan when you first meet Chadley at Bill’s Ranch, shortly after you’ve unlocked the ability to ride a Chocobo.

One of Chadley’s new requests is for you to gather world information in the open world, but one returning feature is its virtual reality-style combat simulator. The Summon Entity: Titan challenge will be available as soon as the combat simulator is unlocked, giving you a chance to get Titan Materia very soon. However, if you jump straight into battle, you’ll feel incredibly overwhelmed by its high damage.

But rather than banging your head against its rock wall or waiting until you’ve leveled up considerably, you’ll also notice that there’s an option to select combat difficulty. While the default fight is at Full Might, you can reduce his power by up to three levels to make it an easier battle, while also strengthening the summon materia you’ll eventually obtain. However, to begin with, these options will be grayed out, as you must first analyze the summoning crystals in the Grasslands region.

There are three Guardian Shrines in total for Titan where the summoning crystals are located. When you are near one, you will also find guide stones that, when broken, will release a trail of light that will tell you the location of the shrine.

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Once you are in the shrine, you must examine the crystal and it will reveal its crystal memory array. This is a mini-game based on rhythm and memory where a series of dots appear around a circle with symbols corresponding to the face buttons of the PS5 controller. A light hand will rotate around the circle to indicate the positions and times of these points. When you start the analysis, these points will disappear before you are prompted to make the correct entries at the correct time. If successful, you will have extracted the data needed to weaken the summoning entity, while also adding data points to the region’s World Intel as well as the party’s EXP.

To find these shrines, fortunately you can make use of the Remnawave Towers in the region, which, when activated, reveal new points of interest on the map that further contribute to the research of the region’s world information. These towers will also reveal the locations of the three shrines you need to weaken Titan.

Titan Sanctuary Locations in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

On the map of the region, shrines are indicated by an icon that resembles a crystal with an arch around it. The icon will appear on the map if you approach it yourself or by activating the corresponding tower nearby. These are the towers you want to activate first and how to get to the shrine from there.

1. Intel Activation 2: Eastern Seaboard Tower – Reveals the location of Divine Intel 1: Titan Sanctuary

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This tower is located on the east side of the Grasslands, near the cliffs overlooking the coast. There are only a couple of wolves you have to take care of before you can activate it.

The shrine is just north of the tower, so just follow the path and then turn right when the path forks. While it may appear very close to the icon on the map, it is not visible on the surface. However, you will find a guide stone nearby, so break it and the light will show you a rocky path to the right that will take you down.

On the way down there is another guide stone that you can break and the path basically takes you back to a cave below where the shrine is located. Examine the crystal and you will obtain the next crystal memory matrix that you must memorize.

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Get the correct inputs and you will extract the data for the first summoning crystal for Titan.

2. Intel 3: Swamplands Tower Activation – Reveals Divine Intel 2: Titan Sanctuary

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This tower is further south in the center of the Grasslands region. However, the revealed shrine is on the other side of the swamp, so you’ll really want to fast travel back to the Abandoned Dock and cross the swamp with your Chocobo, which is where you’re headed if you’re advancing the story.

When you’ve crossed the swamp to reach the foot of what appears to be the ruins of a stone bridge, you should see a guide stone that you can break and the revealed light will guide you up. Look at the wall and there should be a point you can climb up. This will take you to a cave where the shrine is.

Examine the crystal and you will get the next crystal memory array to memorize.

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Get the inputs and the right time to extract the data for the second summoning crystal for Titan.

3. Activation Intel 6: Wastelands Tower – Reveals Divine Intel 3: Titan Sanctuary

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This tower is the westernmost in the Grasslands region, although in the area it is a rocky wasteland rather than a grassland. The unit you need to activate is also higher up in the tower, so you’ll have to climb a couple of stairs to get to it.

The shrine is south of the tower, although there will be a large pipe in your path from the tower location, so head a little further west until the pipe passes underground to cross. It’s a rocky path to reach the shrine, but you should find a guide stone or two to point you in the right direction. Basically, you’ll have to go around a large rock structure to reach an entrance that will take you to the shrine.

Once there, examine the summoning crystal and memorize the next crystal memory array.

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When you have done this correctly, you will have extracted data from all of the Titan Summoning Crystals.

Titan Combat Challenge Strategy in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Having analyzed the three summoning crystals in the Grasslands region, talk to Chadley and you will have the option to select the lowest difficulty to fight Titan. He’ll still throw huge non-elemental rocks at you, but the most powerful attack will only consume a fraction of your HP instead of almost hitting your entire party, so it doesn’t really matter who you select for your party of three. .

Although it is a non-elemental damage entity, Titan is actually weak to wind, so having Aerith use Aero is an effective pressure. However, Cloud and Tifa’s standard attacks are just as effective, especially if you first block, evade, or counter their attacks.

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Cloud’s Punisher mode will be better here, as he can deal damage that quickly increases his ATB bar, while holding guard unleashes an excellent counterattack that also does wonders for ATB. You can then spend the ATB on Focused Thrust, which will increase Titan’s stagger gauge faster.

Just keep in mind that Punisher’s guard doesn’t work against Titan Stone spells. In general, you won’t have to worry too much about his attacks since in his weakened form you will be able to withstand most of what he throws at you.

When Titan has half his HP, he will perform Earthern Aegis, which raises a barrier around him to reduce damage taken. The barrier actually has its own HP, so instead of blindly crying Titan, lock your attack on the barrier to knock it down. He also has more powerful attacks in this state, including a combo called Mountain Crusher and another called Granite Shell that encases a character in rock before he charges and crushes them. Fortunately, in its weakest form, this attack only deals a few hundred damage, but if the character you’re controlling is the target, switch to another party member who can still move and attack.

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Focus on taking down the barrier, either with party members’ unique abilities or synergy abilities. If you leave the barrier alone for too long, it will eventually start charging a devastating attack called Earthern Fury that will damage everyone. Normally, this would probably mean you’re toast, but at its weakest, you don’t have to worry too much, although healing afterward is still good to put your mind at ease.

When the barrier is down, Titan will be pressured for a good amount of time, so all your attacks will increase the stagger bar faster. Once stunned, one or two more brave attacks from Cloud, along with the firepower of your allies, will be enough to finish him off.

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Once the fight is over, you will receive the Titan Materia, and since you have analyzed the three summoning crystals, it will also have its four-star rating, allowing you to use its Boulder Hurl ability when you summon it in battle.

Good luck getting more Summon Materia in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth! However, a warning that the others will put up a lot more of a fight, even after analyzing all the summoning crystals.

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