How to get the Master Sword in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

The iconic Master Sword returns to Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, and although Link loses the corrupted form of the legendary sword at the start of the game, you can recover it in all its glory early on, if you know where to look.

We have the Master Sword location detailed below, but be warned that it’s a moving location, so it can be very difficult to locate unless you’re lucky.

There are three methods that make it much easier to find, so in addition to explaining how to get the Master Sword, we also go over the best way to get it and also explain everything we know about how the legendary weapon works in TOTK and why it is so useful.

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How to get the Master Sword in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

The Master Sword can be found lodged in the head of the Dragon of Light. However, dragons never stay in one place, and the Light Dragon in particular has a huge area surrounding it compared to others of its kind, so you can never be sure where the Master Sword is at any given time. unless you have another way to track it. it – more on that below.

Link standing on top of the Dragon of Light as it flies through the skies in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.
Image credit: Nintendo

We have only seen the Dragon of Light near Great Sky Island, but apparently it has also been seen in the four corners of Hyrule, near the center of the Akkala, Necluda, Gerudo and Hebra regions.

When looking for the Dragon of Light, look for a yellow and blue glow coming from a dragon’s head, as this is the Master Sword and the color can help you determine if it is the correct dragon. If you’re close enough, a surer way to tell if it’s the Dragon of Light is to use the camera Link gets from the Camera Work in the Depths quest. This way, the dragon’s name will appear above the creature.

Link uses a glider to approach the Dragon of Light as it flies over Hyrule.

Link uses his camera's zoom function to search for the Dragon of Light as it flies through the skies above Hyrule.
Image credit: Nintendo

When you’re sure you’ve found the Dragon of Light, we recommend launching Link from the nearest Skyview Tower to reach him and hit the Master Sword on his head. The skill obtained from the Temple of Wind is useful to help Link glide faster if you are having difficulty reaching the dragon. If there isn’t a convenient Skyview Tower nearby, look for falling rocks that you can use Recall to get into the sky.

Although you can go find the Master Sword on the Light Dragon as soon as you know its location, keep in mind that you also need two full bars of stamina to remove the Master Sword from the Light Dragon’s head. Anything that temporarily increases stamina doesn’t count, so this means you’ll have to take on some Shrines.

Link tries to grab and pull the Master Sword that is stuck in the Light Dragon's head, as the creature flies through the skies.
Image credit: Nintendo

Alternatively, you can go to the emergency shelter in Looking Landing and interact with the dark statue to exchange Link’s heart containers for more stamina. You get 100 rupees for trading a heart, and it costs 120 rupees to turn that heart into part of a stamina bar, so it’s really only 20 rupees each time.

Link interacts with a statue in Looking Landing, allowing the player to swap heart containers for more stamina.
Image credit: Nintendo

How to find the Dragon of Light in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

There are a few ways to find the Dragon of Light in Tears of the Kingdom, but some are easier than others. Whichever method you choose, remember that you need two full stamina bars to pull out the Light Dragon Master Sword when you find it.

Option 1: Start the quest Retrieve the Hero’s Sword

The best way to find the Light Dragon in Tears of the Kingdom is to start the quest Retrieve the Hero’s Sword, as this will pin the Light Dragon’s location to your map.

To start the Retrieve the Hero’s Sword quest, you must first find a path to the Lost Woods. We have a full explanation on our page dedicated to how to get through the Lost Forest, but in general, you should explore the abyss beneath the Great Hyrule Forest and then use Ascend when you reach the center of the area, which leads to the Deku tree where the Master Sword was. in Breath of the Wild.

Link running through a dimly lit area near a large stone structure in Tears of the Kingdom.

Link standing in a darkly lit wooded area in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.
Image credit: Nintendo

In the Deku Tree you’ll face Gloom Hands and a Phantom Ganon, so be sure to bring bombs, foods with darkness recovery effects, and a strong weapon or two with you. It’s also important to kill Phantom Ganon right after defeating Gloom Hands, as the hands will return if you leave the area during the fight with Ganon.

Once you have cleared the Deku Tree, the Light Dragon’s location will be fixed on your map so you can always find it easily.

Option 2: Complete the mission The Tears of the Dragon

A less combat-intensive way to gain access to the Dragon of Light is to complete the quest Tears of the Dragon. Upon completing this long quest, the Dragon of Light will appear above you once you have found the final Dragon Tear. However, it will only appear for a while, so make sure you have two stamina bars ready.

To gain access to the Dragon’s Tears quest, you will first need to complete the Impa and Geoglyphs quest. But since this route can take a long time, if you want the Master Sword early, we recommend focusing on the Retrieve the Hero Sword quest.

Link standing near Impa and her hot air balloon in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.
Image credit: Nintendo

Option 3: Monitor from the Sky Islands

The last way to locate the Dragon of Light is one that you can do from the beginning of the game. Once you’ve reached the Sky Islands, you’ll be able to keep an eye out for him flying below and, at the right moment, you can jump onto his back. However, remember that while you can do this early in the game, you will still need two bars of stamina.

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Master Sword Explained

Once you’ve finally managed to get your hands on the Master Sword, there will be a number of things you need to keep in mind.

Link holds the Master Sword away from his body.  The weapon glows brightly as the light illuminates the character and the sword.
Image credit: Nintendo

  • The Master Sword is the only weapon in Tears of the Kingdom that does not break. No matter how much it is used, you will never have durability problems.
  • The Master Sword runs out of energy, so you can’t rely on it during every fight. Approximately ten minutes after running out of power, the Master Sword will fully charge again, so even with its power limitations, don’t be afraid to use it regularly during Link’s travels.
  • With the introduction of the Fuse ability in TOTK, you can also attach materials to the Master Sword to make it stronger or goofier looking. We’re excited to try out the surely powerful soup ladle and Master Sword combo in particular.

    Link performs an attack with the Master Sword which has been fused with another object to create a unique makeshift weapon.
    Image credit: Nintendo

  • The Master Sword will only have a base damage number after you have fused a material to it, and this number reflects the specific material you have chosen to fuse. This means that the better the Fuse material, the stronger the Master Sword will be. One of the best materials you can use Fuse with is, of course, a Diamond, but it’s worth experimenting with different materials to see what works for you.

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I hope you have fun using the Master Sword in Tears of the Kingdom!

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