How to get Nala in Disney Dreamlight Valley and complete the Eyes in the Dark quest

Nala arrived in Disney Dreamlight Valley with her faithful companion Simba as part of the ‘Pride of the Valley’ update. The duo were on a break from their royal duties when they got separated in the Lion King’s kingdom, and your job is to help them both.

Nala is the first of the two you can join your home in Disney Dreamlight Valley, and she is also the first you meet in the Lion King’s kingdom. After convincing her that you’re not a snack, it’s up to you to help her.

Without further ado, we’ll show you how to get Nala in Disney Dreamlight Valley and how to complete the Eyes in the Dark quest.

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How to get Nala in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To take Nala to Disney Dreamlight Valley, you must unlock the Lion King’s kingdom in the Castle for 10,000 Dreamlight. It can be found on the first flight of stairs in the Castle, next to the Frozen and Toy Story kingdoms.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Lion King's Kingdom Gate at the Castle

You will then need to complete the ‘Eyes in the Dark’ quest in this realm. There are quite a few stages to complete this mission, but don’t worry, we are here to guide you every step of the way.

Before entering the kingdom of the Lion King, we recommend stocking up on food because you will use a lot of energy here. You can consult our recipe guide to learn more about cooking in the Valley.

The Disney Dreamlight Valley DreamSnaps update is here! You can unlock Vanellope, the mischievous racer from Wreck-It Ralph, and join her on missions like Extreme Biome Makeover and Ready Player Fun for the ultimate sugar fix! The Fairy Godmother is in the valley and you can continue the story through the Forgotten Memories quest. Now you can also have multiplayer houses and customize furniture. If you’re still catching up on the story, be sure to complete The Great Blizzard quest to unlock Olaf, as well as take Simba and Nala to the valley. For more help, check out our list of recipes, how to improve your house, change the color of your house, bugs’ favorite foods, and redeem codes. Finally, don’t forget to check out our list of current and upcoming characters to see who might visit the valley next!

How to complete the Eyes in the Dark quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley

When you first enter the kingdom, the ‘Eyes in the Dark’ quest will begin. You will meet Nala and see that she is roaring into the eyes in the darkness surrounding the Dry Oasis.

disney dreamlight valley nala roaring in the kingdom of the lion king of hyenas

Go up to Nala and talk to her, use any of the conversation options you want (we’re trying to talk back to her), and Nala will realize you’re not a threat.

After a brief conversation, Nala will head out to contain the hyenas and now it’s your job to find a way to block the path so they don’t get close. To do this, you need to find and grow five thorn bushes.

Where to Find Thorn Bush Seeds in Dried Out Oasis

To find Thorn Bush seeds in Dried Out Oasis, look for growths emerging from the ground that look like very pale Night Thorns. We have circled one in the image below:

disney valley dreamlight kingdom of the lion king dry oasis dry thorn bush

Dig this up to get a Thorn Bush seed and some additional materials. You will need to do this with all five growths in the area to obtain the necessary seeds. Then, once you have the seeds, head to the ledge at the back of the Dried Out Oasis.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Lion King Kingdom ledge to block dry oasis

An easy way to find it is to stand at the entrance portal that faces the area and then head to your right. When you find the ledge, there will already be holes in the ground to place the seeds. All you need to do is plant the five seeds and water them once for the bushes to grow.

Then the path will be blocked, Nala will return to you and you can proceed to the next stage of this quest.

How to unlock the cave entrance

You will then learn that you must clear the cave entrance to reach the jungle on the other side. To do this, simply use your shovel to dig up the dead tree stumps and then talk to Nala again.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Lion King Kingdom Locked Cave Entrance

If, as happened to us, Nala doesn’t notice that you’ve cleared the path, then head through the cave into the jungle and then back to the Dried Out Oasis. Nala should then register that the path is clear and you can talk to her.

How to lower the log next to the waterfall.

Now, you must head into the jungle to find Simba, but Nala will inform you that you must find a way to climb down the log next to the waterfall to reach the next area, since Simba is nowhere to be found.

To lower the log, walk up to the waterfall until you are in front of it and then look up and to the left. You should see this:

Disney Dreamlight Valley Lion King's Kingdom Towering Trunk Waterfall
The log in the far right corner is the one you want to take down.

Use your pickaxe to break the rocks at the bottom of the cliff below the raised log. This will then lower the log and give you a path to reach the next area.

Find Simba!

Cross the new bridge and follow the path to the next area. Then all you have to do is talk to Simba, but remember to say ‘Hakuna Matata’! He lets the conversation flow and then follows Simba to see his reunion with Nala.

disney dreamlight valley kingdom of the lion king finding simba

Then, talk to Simba again and the next stage of this quest will begin.

Where to find slimy bugs and colorful bugs

Nala is hungry and Simba wants to show her all the good food in the jungle. She will ask you to find slimy bugs and colorful bugs. Slimy Bugs can be found in the river next to Simba. Fish them like she would anything in the Valley. You need three slimy bugs.

disney valley dreamlight kingdom of the lion king dry oasis colorful bugs

The colorful bugs can be found in the Dried Out Oasis (where you met Nala). You can get the colorful bugs by digging up the glowing dirt areas of the Oasis. Dig them up as you would anything in your Valley. You need six colorful bugs.

Take them to Simba, who will inform you that it is not enough. Now you also need to find Red Bugs; After all, a dish should be slimy but satisfying.

Where to find red bugs

Red Bugs can be found in the area where you met Simba. Head to the area and use your shovel to dig up one of the dry tree stumps in the area.

disney dreamlight valley kingdom of the lion king dry stump red bugs
We dug up the stump in the middle of the area.

Once you dig one up, the Red Bugs will shoot out and scurry around the area. They are very fast and you must catch them all.

When you have caught all the bugs, you will need to make a bug dish. There are some steam pipe type things in front of Simba and Nala that can be used for cooking.

Insect dish recipe

Once you’re back in your kingdom, head over to a stove and follow this Bug Platter recipe:

  • 2x red insects
  • 2x colorful bugs
  • 1x slimy bug

This yields a portion of Bug Platter; You will need to prepare this dish three times.

Disney Dreamlight Valley bug dish

After making some food (literally), give the plates to Nala. However, danger lurks in the dark!

Drive away the hyenas

The hyenas have returned and are approaching you, Nala and Simba. Then you get the idea to trick the hyenas, but you need help to do it. He returns to the Valley while Simba and Nala keep them at bay.

disney dreamlight valley kingdom of the lion king nala talking to the character
Nala is counting on you!

Go and talk to Scrooge McDuck, he will give you an old sound system that needs some repairs to use to scare away the hyenas.

How to repair the sound system

To repair the sound system in the ‘Eyes in the Dark’ mission in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you will need:

  • x10 Soft wood
  • x5 hard wood
  • x2 iron ingots

When you have the right materials, head to a workbench. You’ll find the sound system under the “Furniture” tab at the top.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Sound System Crafting Screen

Create/repair the system and then return to the Lion King’s kingdom. Give the sound system to Nala and watch the story come to an end.

Welcome Nala!

After chasing away the annoying hyenas, Nala will want to come to your kingdom. All you need to do is create a place for her to stay. She returns to the Valley and places Pride Rock wherever you want her to go.

Place Pride Rock as you would place furniture. When you access the furniture menu, you should have a special request from Nala. This is where you will find Pride Rock. Then, place it and pay Scrooge 15,000 coins to build it. It’s a pretty big structure, so we took it to Dazzle Beach for now.

disney valley of dreamlight pride rock

That’s it, once Pride Rock is built, Nala will come to your valley!

Now that you have Nala, why not check out our other guide showing you how to get Simba? That way, you can have the royal couple living and protecting your Valley.

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