How to gather laid eggs in Fortnite

Gathering the laid eggs is one of the Spring Breakout challenges in Fortnite Chapter 4, Season 2.

It’s not immediately clear where to get them, so we’ll detail how to collect laid eggs in Fortnite below.

There are three stages to this challenge and you will earn 20k XP for completing each stage, which can help you earn Battle Stars for this season’s Battle Pass.

For completing 12 and 22 Spring Breakout challenges, you will also be rewarded with the Nannerbloom Hammer pickaxe and the Fresh Flyer glider, respectively. You can also get the Bloomback Sack Back Bling for visiting three cherry blossom exhibits.

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How to collect laid eggs in Fortnite

Laid eggs are found near the chickens in Fortnite for the Spring Breakout event. We have more details on our chicken location page, but in general, we find chickens laying eggs around Frenzy Fields, most commonly in the western fields.

Go to the Frenzy Fields to collect the laid eggs.

All you have to do to collect the laid eggs is follow a chicken until it lays an egg, then press the message that appears to “Gather.” This was the ‘Y’ button for us on Xbox.

The easiest way to keep collecting laid eggs is to follow the hen. She’ll lay an egg every ten seconds, so you’ll soon have an entire basket’s worth!

We recommend turning on ‘Display sound effects’ in your sound settings so you can see the general direction of where a chicken is located, if you are near one.

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Once you’ve collected them, you may want to consume the eggs for different effects.

This is the effect that each egg has in Fortnite:

  • Heal Eggs: Restores health and shields.
  • Hoppy Eggs: Low gravity effect and restores health
  • Golden Eggs – Gold Bullion Rewards

Golden eggs are the rarest to find, as there is a small chance that a hen will lay one.

Additionally, you can instantly get an egg launcher and some hop eggs by picking up the new ‘Springtime Blowout’ boost in this event. This most likely won’t count towards collecting laid eggs, but you can get some easy jump eggs this way if you want to jump in low gravity.

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