How to complete The Grass is Always Greener in Destiny 2

The Grass is Always Greener is one of several King’s Fall challenges in Destiny 2.

Totems is the first encounter within the King’s Fall raid, taking place after the ship entry and jump puzzles.

This optional Destiny 2 challenge makes Totems more difficult to remove, but successfully completing it will cause a second reward chest to appear if your team, doubling the number of drops.

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What is The Grass is Always Greener in Destiny 2?

The Grass is Always Greener challenge dictates that no player can have the same Mark twice in a row, meaning you must switch sides each time you pick up the Mark.

The typical strategy in Totems is to split into two teams and each team will be responsible for juggling a single Mark.

However, to meet this challenge, players must alternate which brand they choose, which imposes a more complex rotation. If a single player takes the same mark twice in a row, the challenge fails and you must restart the Totems encounter to try again.

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Tips for completing The Grass is Always Greener in Destiny 2

Totem’s Encounters is one of the most mechanical sections of King’s Fall. The basic strategy is to split into two teams of three to cover the left and right side of the room and rotate between holding a “Mark”, depositing energy, and stealing the Mark.

The requirement that no Guardian possess the same Mark twice in a row complicates matters, but is easier to achieve than it seems. All that is needed is a simple modification of the rotation.

After depositing energy on the plate in the center of the room, a Guardian will typically cover the balcony on the same side. Instead, he covers the balcony on the opposite side and joins the rotation in that direction.

Where once the rotation was two circles, it is now a figure of eight. If everyone follows this pattern, no one will have the same mark twice and the challenge will be complete.

In general, Guardians should choose weapons focused on three things: adding clear, unstoppable Ogres and killing Blightguard Knights.

Players on the balcony should focus on killing the Wizard and Knight that appear as quickly as possible. Killing the pair on one side correlates with how quickly they spawn on the other side, and maintaining precise timing is the key to a smooth rotation. You can start by attacking the Wizard from the ground, while depositing energy.

If you want help on another part of the raid, check out our complete King’s Fall guide.

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