How to complete Ominous Portent challenge in Overwatch 2

Witness all 7 Banshee moments in a special Wrath of the Bride Halloween challenge called Ominous Portent in Overwatch 2.

For completing the Ominous Portent challenge in Overwatch 2, you will receive the ‘Tarot Reading’ voice line from Kiriko. Some other challenges award XP for the Battle Pass, but this voice line is a nice one-time reward.

The challenge can be difficult to solve since there aren’t actually seven Banshees in the level, so we explain how to complete the Ominous Portent challenge below.

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How to complete the Overwatch 2 Ominous Portent challenge

If you haven’t already, you must first unlock Arcade mode in order to access the Halloween event challenges in Overwatch 2. This requires you to first play fifteen matches in Quick Play.

When you unlock Arcade, select Wrath of the Bride and choose your difficulty. We highly recommend playing the “story” mode if you just want to play to complete small challenges like Ominous Portent.

Play through the story and objectives of Wrath of the Bride until you reach the gate in the wall and you are asked to find a key to open it, but don’t pick up the key yet!

You shouldn’t pick up the key yet, as to complete the Ominous Portent challenge, you and your team must see the only Banshee 7 times. It counts if a teammate sees it too, which is very helpful. A sighting seems to count if a whirlwind of energy is also seen.

Don’t pick up the key when you get to the wall gate!

Luckily, we were paired with a team that was also trying to do the challenge or couldn’t find the key, so we were able to complete the Ominous Portent challenge pretty quickly just by walking around the area.

If your random team keeps finding the key before witnessing Banshee moments, you may want to consider asking your lobby to accept the challenge before starting the level, or teaming up with a group of friends.

We also have an Overwatch 2 tier list to help you decide who to play each role once you’ve unlocked all the heroes, a competitive mode and MIT explainers, and all the Season 1 Battle Pass skins you can to unlock.

Once you receive the “Challenge Complete: Ominous Omen” message in the bottom left corner of the screen, you will be able to pick up the key now, which is the item on the ground with a blue glow, but be careful. There’s a Banshee scare waiting for you!

Eliminate all the enemies that appear and then take the key to the wall door to advance through the rest of the level and defeat the boss to finish it, but be sure to also complete the Lantern Lit, Witch’s Brew, and Photozomb challenges!

I hope you have fun this Halloween in Overwatch 2!

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