How to complete Iron Fist Alexander’s quest in Elden Ring

The Warrior Jar Alexander in Elden Ring (also known as Iron Fist Alexander) is a Living Jar with arms and legs that you first encounter in Limgrave.

The Living Jar simply seeks adventure, and once you’ve completed his questline, he’ll be able to fight alongside you, as well as rewarding you with 1,500 runes and a Warrior Jar Shard talisman.

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First meeting with Alejandro

You will encounter Alexander for the first time in Northern Stormhill. You can see the exact location on the map below:

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Talk to him and he will ask you to use the force to free him from his situation. No problem. Get behind the stuck pot and hit it hard until it frees itself again.

Another conversation leads him to realize that Alexander is on his way to Caelid, where the Radahn Festival will be held at Castle Redmane.

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As a reward, you will receive the Triumphant Delight emote and 1 Exalted Meat. This is where the first meeting with Alejandro ends.

Alexander in the Gael tunnel

The second meeting with Alexander takes place in the Gael tunnel. This is a mine on the border between Limgrave and Caelid. He is standing behind a small door right next to Sitio de Gracia.

Note: You can easily miss Alexander here if you’ve already gone “too far” elsewhere (for whatever reason), but don’t worry, you can still catch him at his next stop at Redman Castle.

Alexander at Redmane Castle

Next time you will meet him at the Radahn Festival in Redmane Castle. You will find it north of the Chamber Outside the Plaza Sitio de Gracia.

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If this is your first meeting, you will introduce yourself here. Complete the dialogue and summon him in the subsequent battle against Starscourge Radahn.

After defeating Radahn, Alexander loots the remains of the warriors in Wailing Dunes. He talks to the damaged guy again, rests at the Site of Grace, and then he’ll disappear.

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Alexander in Liurnia de los Lagos

The next time you encounter Alexander will be east of Lyurnia of the Lakes, south of the Carian Study Hall. Simply follow the path from Artist’s Shack Site of Grace to the south/slightly southeast.

Once again he is stuck in the ground and to free him, you must first make him slippery using a pot of oil (recipe in Nomad Warrior’s Handbook 17, can be purchased from the hidden merchant in Siofra; requires 1 Melted Mushroom).

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Note: Alexander may not appear at this point, possibly because you have already advanced too far into Gelmir, but he should still appear in the next encounter in Gelmir.

Alexander in Gelmir

Next, you will find it near Fort Laiedd. South of the fortress is a lava lake with a Magma Wyrm. You must first defeat him to avoid unpleasant surprises.

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Alexander is on the left side of the lava lake. You can talk to him from one of the rocks. Review all dialogue options and the next meeting is approaching.

Griant Fire Fighting

If you want, you can summon the warrior ship for the (inevitable) battle against the Fire Giant outside the front of the Forge.

To do this, walk along the northern part of the two chains into the arena with the giant and you will find his summoning sign located behind the fog gate.

Complete Alexander’s mission.

The end of Alexander’s quest takes place in the crumbling Farum Azula. Start at the Dragon Temple Elevator Grace Site.

Cross the square with the enemies to the southeast and turn right behind it to the southwest. Cross the left of the two L-shaped bridges and jump to safe ground.

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Alexander will appear where you will find a sleeping dragon (after the dragon has been killed). Talk to him and he will challenge you to a fight, and this is the end of the quest for him.

For victory you will receive the Alexander Talisman fragment, which increases skill attacks by 15 percent, as well as Alexander’s entrails, which you can then give to Jar Bairn in exchange for the companion Jar Talisman.

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