Horizon Forbidden West Cinnabar Sands Tallneck: How to restore power to the console and climb the Tallneck explained

Nullifying a Tallneck in Horizon: Forbidden West reveals points of interest on Aloy’s map, as well as granting you some useful XP and skill points. But first you have to climb the Tallneck.

The Cinnabar Sands Tallneck is the first of these impressive machines you’ll find in Forbidden West, and to reach it you’ll need to climb a nearby satellite.

To do this, you need to find a power cell so you can restore power to a console on the satellite itself.

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Cinnabar Sands Tallneck location in Horizon: Forbidden West explained

The first Tallneck you’ll encounter in Horizons: Forbidden West is located inside Cinnabar Sands. To reach this location, you must head southwest from Barren Light until you reach the desert-like Cinnabar Sands.

The location of the Tallneck in Cinnabar Sands.

Tallneck himself can be found walking around a ruined satellite in the northern part of Cinnabar Sands, just southeast of Plainsong. You’ll most likely see the Tallneck as you enter the area – it’s pretty tall after all!

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How to restore power to the console and climb the Cinnabar Sands Tallneck in Horizon: Forbidden West

To climb the Tallneck in Cinnabar Sands, you must restore power to the satellite console, but first, be sure to defeat the machines at the base of the structure. Leaving these machines undefeated will make getting to the Tallneck more difficult, because you will have to deal with its constant attacks.

There are three machines to defeat in total: two level 11 Scrappers and a level 16 Skydrifter.

We recommend defeating the Skydrifter first, because you’ll easily get him away from the two Scrappers. Since this machine is weak to frost damage, use your frost bombs to give it the fragile state before killing it.

Both Scrappers are weak to shock damage, so setting up Shock Tripwires will help take them down.

The strengths and weaknesses of Scrappers and Skydrifters.

With the machines defeated, it is time to start climbing by shooting down the ladder at the satellite base with an arrow.

Go up the stairs and climb the next ladder to reach a platform with a console, which you can ignore for now. Instead, jump onto the ladder to your right to reach the platform directly below the satellite dish.

Here, on the right side of the platform, near the collectible, you will find a ladder to go down.

Go down this new ladder and, from the lower steps, jump to the railing so you can quickly reach the power cell.

Next, pick up the power cell and carefully lower yourself down to the metal platform directly below you.

Once you’re back on the ground, place the power cell on the generator directly below the satellite. Doing so will restore power to the console you passed by earlier and allow you to interact with it, causing the satellite dish to spin.

After this, jump to the platform to your left and from there, use the handholds to reach a ladder that leads to the area below the satellite dish.

Here you will discover that two cables prevent the platter from rotating completely; Fortunately, shooting them with Aloy’s bow will solve the problem.

Now climb one last staircase to reach the satellite dish and, once there, go to the highest point of this structure. Next, wait until the Tallneck is almost perfectly aligned with your position, and when that time comes, slide towards the machine.

We recommend aiming for the yellow railings lining the sides of the Tallneck’s head; These railings allow you to go around the headboard until you can climb onto it. You can also jump and climb the spines that cover the Tallneck’s neck if you bypass the railings on the head.

When you’re finally in Tallneck’s head, override the machine to reveal a good section of your map, including points of interest and the locations of four other Tallnecks. You will also receive 7500 XP and 2 skill points for nullifying the Cinnabar Sands Tallneck.

Have fun in Horizon: Forbidden West!

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