Hitman 3 server room puzzle: How to acquire admin privileges and what to do during the manual override procedure in Dubai

Hitman 3’s opening setting in Dubai has one of three story missions, one of which is How the Mighty Fall.

Halfway through, you must visit a server room, which will allow you to change the schedules of your objectives. However, before you can do this, you must attempt a manual override and then acquire administrator privileges.

This page explains how to do both steps, including how to get the server room access card in the middle.

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What to do during the manual override procedure in Hitman 2

When you first access the server room in How the Mighty Fall, you are tasked with pulling one of the server racks in an attempt to gain access.

No matter which of the four you choose on the servers in the room, an alarm will go off. Don’t worry, it’s all part of the story. Now hide outside one of the server banks, as the guards who enter will only go as far as the center of the room before exiting.

Once they are gone, you must obtain a key card. Exit the other door in the server room, which is easy to miss, to reach a hallway with two cleaners.

As the on-screen message suggests, the second one in the corner has the key card. With the other distracted on the phone, you can easily pull it out and get the key card that falls out. Then make sure to put his body in the corner closet.

And, if the other cleaner sees you, as long as you take them out before they run away, there won’t be anyone else around to alert the others.

How to acquire administrator privileges in the Hitman 3 server room

Now that you have the keycard, return to the server room. This will cause a card reader to appear next to the central terminal. Now swipe the card to advance the story, so you must acquire administrator privileges.

To do this, you must pull the server rack again. However, this time, one will be different. Check the screens of all four and one will have yellow text that scrolls differently than the rest. That’s the one to throw away.

For us, it was the one at the back left of the terminal:

If you are not sure, save manually first and then extract the server. If you are successful, you are advised to continue the mission by rearranging the schedule in the central terminal.

Enjoy the rest of the mission! Once you’re done with Hitman 3’s stages, learn how to import more levels into Hitman 3, as well as how to complete the next stage, including finding the case file and Death in the Family clues.

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