Hearthstone: The Witchwood Guide – Best decks for the new meta

Some five years after the game was first revealed, Hearthstone is now enjoying its eighth expansion overall. The final set, The Witchwood, is themed around the enchanted forests located around Warcraft’s Gilneas region and is packed with the kind of creepy creatures you imagine in such a setting.

In our Witchwood guide you’ll find an overview of every aspect of the new expansion, from the cards themselves to the evolution of the single-player content that debuted in last year’s Kobolds and Catacombs expansion.

Our colleagues at sister site Metabomb are busy preparing decks and deck guides for the launch window and beyond. We’ll add them here as soon as they’re ready, so you can dive right into the latest builds for the new Hearthstone meta.

UPDATE: APRIL 14, 2018

Not only have we added a ton of new decks for you to play with, but all of the major decks in the new meta have also been updated with the latest decklists. We will continue to update these articles over the weekend and will have another update for you soon.

magic wood cards

In total, 135 new cards will be added to the game with the release of The Witchwood.

Each of the game’s nine heroes receives their own exclusive cards, as always, and the rest are distributed into the Neutral card pool. Each hero will also receive two legendary cards to play with – the standard distribution these days.

Perhaps most interesting of all is the new shaman legendary, Hagatha the Witch. This is the first hero card to be released since last summer’s Knights of the Frozen Throne expansion, and this time only the Shaman gets a piece of the action.

When played for eight mana, Hagatha deals three damage to each active minion (including yours) and gives your hero five armor points. You also get a new passive hero power called Bewitch, which adds a random shaman spell to your hand every time you play a minion.

Haunted wooden mallets

Now that the Witchwood era is officially underway, we can bring you a bunch of decklists that the community has put together. Here’s everything that’s been posted on Metabomb so far:


Top rated decks

Experimental decks


Top rated decks

Experimental decks


Top rated decks

Experimental decks


Top rated decks

Experimental decks


Top rated decks



Top rated decks

Experimental decks


Top rated decks

Experimental decks


Top rated decks


Top rated decks

Experimental decks

Metabomb also maintains a regularly updated guide to the best Witchwood decks, which will be tweaked and pruned as the meta begins to take shape. If you’re struggling to keep up with the cost of the game, check out the site’s roundup of cheap Witchwood decks – there’s something there for every budget.

Let’s play Hearthstone – Be late to the party

Witchwood Keywords

A total of two new keywords are added with the Witchwood expansion: Rush and Echo.

Rush is very similar to Charge, except that minions with the Rush ability can only attack enemy minions on the turn they are played. They can’t actually hit the other player right away, which reduces their power level a bit.

Echo cards can be played over and over again in the same turn, as long as you have the mana to keep casting them. It remains to be seen how popular these cards are – so far they’ve had a bit of a lukewarm reception overall.

Even/Odd Decks

There are two special neutral Legendaries that come with The Witchwood.

The first of these, Baku the Mooneater, improves your hero power if your deck only contains odd-cost cards. The second, Genn Greymane, reduces the cost of your hero power to one mana if you only have even-cost cards in your deck.

There will be a lot of very interesting experiments with these two characters at the beginning of The Witchwood meta and beyond. To see what kind of limitations they will impose on deckbuilding at launch, Metabomb is in the process of putting together overviews of the excluded cards for each hero, in each case:

monster hunt

In last year’s Dungeon Run, players dug deep underground to take on a series of boss encounters in a single-player roguelike mode for Hearthstone.

This type of content will return with The Witchwood and will do so in the form of Monster Hunt. In this new adventure, you will first choose one of four unique explorers and then venture into the forest to face a series of monsters, expanding and improving your deck as you go.

Metabomb also has a Monster Hunt guide if you want to start going over the finer details of what this side of the expansion entails.

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