Global Day of Parents 2023 Today: Theme, History, Significance & More Details

World Fathers Day 2023: The day is celebrated annually on June 1 to honor fathers and their commitments to children around the world. It is a day of observance of the United Nations (UN). The day gives us the opportunity to appreciate fathers and parental figures for the important role they play in the development of families.

Father’s Day encourages respect and appreciation of fathers for what they do for their children, their selfless commitment to children, and their lifelong sacrifice to foster this relationship. Most countries have a tradition of respecting parents that goes back years. Parents are the best gift from God. No one in life can take the place of parents. They are true supporters.

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World Fathers Day 2023: Theme

The theme of World Fathers Day 2020 was ‘We appreciate all parents around the world. ‘

The theme of World Fathers Day 2019 was “Honor your parents!”

World Fathers Day 2023: Quotes, Wishes, Messages, WhatsApp and Facebook Statuses, Poems and More

World Fathers Day: History

World Fathers Day was proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly in 2012 with a resolution and honors fathers around the world. It is celebrated in different countries on different dates. As in the United States, it is celebrated in July (4th Sunday), South Korea (May 8), etc. The day also recognizes the important role of responsible parenting in everyday life.

International Day of Families

Parenting education programs are also offered to promote stability in the family. Other Organizations use this day to promote the traditional two-parent nuclear family model.

The United Nations during the 1980s began to focus its attention on family issues. On December 9, 1989, in the resolution of the General Assembly, it proclaimed 1994 International Year of the Family and in the resolution of 1993, the General Assembly decided that May 15 would be celebrated each year as International Day of the Family. According to the UN website, “In its resolution 44/82 of December 9, 1989, the General Assembly proclaimed 1994 as the International Year of the Family; and in its resolution 47/237 of 1993, the General Assembly decided that the May 15 of each year to be celebrated as International Day of Families. In 2012, the General Assembly proclaimed June 1 as World Fathers Day, to be celebrated annually to honor fathers around the world. “

World Fathers Day: Importance

In this world we cannot see God but we have parents. In India they are known as God. Since ancient times we have taught to respect parents and elders. Nowadays, due to busy schedule, children cannot spend time with their parents. Therefore, World Fathers Day is the day to celebrate with the whole family, spending time with our parents and loved ones. Children give gifts and show their gratitude by staying with them all day.

It also recognizes that the family has the primary responsibility to raise and protect children. It is necessary for the development of children that they grow up in a good family environment, in an environment of happiness, love and understanding. There is no doubt that family-oriented policies make it possible to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals related to ending hunger and poverty, promoting shared economic prosperity, social development, etc. The center of social life is only the family.

How is World Fathers Day celebrated?

– Children spend quality time with their parents. They call them and visit them.

– Say hello to your parents and tell them they were right. When we were children we did not understand what our parents said, but when we have our own children, we come to know that our parents were right. It is not like this?

– Plan a vacation for your parents where they want to visit.

Father’s Day is celebrated all over the world but different countries celebrate it on different days. But the main objective behind the celebration is the same and that is to give appreciation, love, care, respect, etc. to the parents. Think of those who have lost their parents or have no parents. This is the day to give a gesture to your parents for the sacrifices, nurturing, care, emotional strength, etc., that parents gave to us.

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