Genshin Impact Tighnari best build and Talent, Ascension materials, Constellation, team, weapon

Tighnari is a new 5-Star Dendro character who was added to Genshin Impact during the 3.0 update, along with new 4-Star Collei, and the Sumeru region.

The young forest watcher is featured as the boosted 5-Star character in the Viridescent Vigil Banner during Phase 1 of version 3.0, but will move to the standard Banner, Wanderlust Invocation, as a potential pull in version 3.1.

Whether you have him, or want to prepare for if you do Wish for him successfully, it’s good to know the best Tighnari build in Genshin Impact, including his best Artifacts and best team comp. It’s also handy to learn what his Constellation perks are, and what Talent materials and Ascension materials are needed to level up Tighnari to his full potential.

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Collected Miscellany – “Tighnari: Lush Verdure” | Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact Tighnari Talents, skills, star, element, and weapon

Tighnari is a 5-Star Dendro archer who is best used in a main DPS (damage per second) role due to his Dendro application and charge attack potential.

Here’s a summary of Tighnari’s abilities and stats in Genshin Impact:

  • Element: Dendro
  • Rarity: 5-Star
  • Weapon: Bow
  • Banner: Viridescent Vigil
  • Best build: Main DPS
  • Normal Attack: Khanda Barrier-Buster
  • Elemental Skill: Vijnana-Phala Mine
  • Elemental Burst: Fashioner’s Tanglevine Shaft
  • Passive one: Keen Sight (Tighnari’s Elemental Mastery is increased by 50 for four seconds)
  • Passive two: Scholarly Blade (Tighnari’s charged attack and Elemental Burst, Fashioner’s Tanglevine Shaft, damage are increased by 0.06% for every point of Elemental Mastery Tighnari possesses, with a maximum damage bonus of 60%)
  • Exploration bonus: Encyclopedic Knowledge (displays the location of nearby resources unique to Sumeru on the mini-map)

Tighnari Normal Attack: Khanda Barrier-Buster

Tignari can perform up to four consecutive shots with his bow. Activating his plunge attack results in a shower of arrows firing in mid-air, dealing AOE (area of effect) damage when they reach the ground.

However, Tighnari’s main damage source from his normal attack comes from charging his bow with multiple aimed shots. At charge Level 1, Tighnari fires an arrow that deals Dendro damage. At charge Level 2, the fired arrow causes Dendro damage and when it hits an enemy, it will create four Clusterbloom Arrows that track nearby opponents automatically, dealing even more Dendro damage.

Tighnari Elemental Skill: Vijnana-Phala Mine

Activating Tighnari’s Elemental Skill results in him throwing a Vijnana Stormheart that deals AOE Dendro damage and creates a Vijnana-Khanda field. This summons illusions that taunt enemies, effectively acting as decoys.

Tighnari will also gain the Vijnana Suffusion effect, which decreases Wreath Arrow’s charging time by 2.4 seconds. Vijnana Suffusion’s effect will end once Tighnari’s Elemental Skill effect ends, or when he has fired three Wreath Arrows.

Tighnari Elemental Burst: Fashioner’s Tanglevine Shaft

When Tighnari’s Elemental Burst is activated, he fires six Tanglevine Shafts that track opponents and deal Dendro damage. When a Tanglevine Shafts hits an enemy, a second wave of the Burst is activated, tracking enemies and dealing Dendro damage again.

Genshin Impact Tighnari Talent materials

Crystalline Cyst Dust.

To get the most out of using Tighnari, you will have to level his skills up by using Talent materials, which vary from character-to-character.

For Tighnari, you’re going to need to farm a lot of Cyst Dust and Admonition materials (if you don’t already have them) to fully upgrade his capabilities.

As Tighnari has three Talents, you will have to spend three times the Talent materials listed below to fully upgrade all of his abilities, which we’ve also detailed below the table.

Here’s what Tighnari Talent materials and Mora you need to improve one of his abilities:

Tighnari Talent level Talent materials Mora cost
Level 2 x3 Teachings of Admonition, x6 Fungal Spores 12,500
Level 3 x2 Guide to Admonition, x3 Luminescent Pollen 17,500
Level 4 x4 Guide to Admonition, x4 Luminescent Pollen 25,000
Level 5 x6 Guide to Admonition, x6 Luminescent Pollen 30,000
Level 6 x9 Guide to Admonition, x9 Luminescent Pollen 37,500
Level 7 x4 Philosophies of Admonition, x4 Crystalline Cyst Dust, x1 The Meaning of Aeons 120,000
Level 8 x6 Philosophies of Admonition, x6 Crystalline Cyst Dust, x1 The Meaning of Aeons 260,000
Level 9 x12 Philosophies of Admonition, x9 Crystalline Cyst Dust, x2 The Meaning of Aeons 450,000
Level 10 x16 Philosophies of Admonition, x12 Crystalline Cyst Dust, x2 The Meaning of Aeons, x1 Crown of Insight 700,000

Here’s what Talent Materials you’ll need to fully upgrade one of Tighnari’s skills:

  • x1 Crown of Insight
  • x3 Teachings of Admonition
  • x6 Fungal Spores
  • x6 The Meaning of Aeons
  • x21 Guide to Admonition
  • x22 Luminescent Pollen
  • x31 Crystalline Cyst Dust
  • x38 Philosophies to Admonition
  • 1,652,500 Mora

To upgrade all three of Tighnari’s skills, here’s all the Talent Materials you’ll need:

  • x3 Crown of Insight
  • x9 Teachings of Admonition
  • x18 Fungal Spores
  • x18 The Meaning of Aeons
  • x63 Guide to Admonition
  • x66 Luminescent Pollen
  • x93 Crystalline Cyst Dust
  • x114 Philosophies to Admonition
  • 4,957,500 Mora

Genshin Impact Tighnari Ascension materials

Nilotpala Lotus.

Just like Talents, you need to use Tighnari Ascension materials to upgrade his health, attack, defence, and critical hit effectiveness.

For Tighnari, you’re going to need to farm a lot of Majestic Hooked Beak and Nilotpala Lotus materials (if you don’t already have them) to fully upgrade his capabilities.

Unlike Talent materials, you only need to spend the below Ascension materials once to fully raise Tighnari to his highest character level. There is also Acquaint Fate rewarded for reaching certain Ascension levels. You can spend this Fate on the standard and beginner Banners to Wish for characters and weapons.

Here’s what Tighnari Ascension materials and Mora you need to upgrade him for each Ascension level:

Tighnari Ascension level Ascension materials Mora cost Ascension reward
Level 20 x1 Nagadus Emerald Silver, x3 Nilotpala Lotus, x3 Fungal Spores 20,000 x1 Acquaint Fate
Level 40 x3 Nagadus Emerald Fragments, x2 Majestic Hooked Beak, x10 Nilotpala Lotus, x15 Fungal Spores 40,000 None
Level 50 x6 Nagadus Emerald Fragments, x4 Majestic Hooked Beak, x20 Nilotpala Lotus, x12 Luminescent Pollen 60,000 x1 Acquaint Fate
Level 60 x3 Nagadus Emerald Chunk, x8 Majestic Hooked Beak, x30 Nilotpala Lotus, x18 Luminescent Pollen 80,000 None
Level 70 x6 Nagadus Emerald Chunk, x12 Majestic Hooked Beak, x45 Nilotpala Lotus, x12 Crystalline Cyst Dust 100,000 x1 Acquaint Fate
Level 80 x6 Nagadus Emerald Gemstone, x20 Majestic Hooked Beak, x60 Nilotpala Lotus, x24 Crystalline Cyst Dust 120,000 None

In total, here’s all the Ascension Materials you need for Tighnari in Genshin Impact:

  • x1 Nagadus Emerald Silver
  • x6 Nagadus Emerald Gemstone
  • x9 Nagadus Emerald Fragment
  • x9 Nagadus Emerald Chunk
  • x18 Fungal Spores
  • x30 Luminescent Pollen
  • x36 Crystalline Cyst Dust
  • x46 Majestic Hooked Beak
  • x168 Nilotpala Lotus
  • 420,000 Mora

Genshin Impact Tighnari Constellation

By getting duplicates of Tighnari from wishing on Banners, you will receive his Stella Fortuna. This material allows you to unlock Constellation levels, with each upgrade either improving an existing Talent or Passive ability.

Tighnari’s Constellations at a glance.

Here are all of Tighnari’s Constellation level upgrades in Genshin Impact:

  • Beginnings Determined at the Roots (C1): Tighnari’s charged attack crit rate is increased by 15%.
  • Origins Known From the Stem (C2): Tighnari gains 20% Dendro damage bonus when there are enemies inside the AOE of Tighnari’s Vijnana-Khanda field created from his Elemental Skill. Applies up to six seconds after the field ends or if the field no longer has enemies in it.
  • Fortunes Read Amongst the Branches (C3): Increases the level of Tighnari’s Elemental Burst, Fashioner’s Tanglevine Shaft, by three, with a maximum upgrade level of 15.
  • Withering Glimpsed in the Leaves (C4): When Tighnari’s Elemental Burst is activated, all party members gain 60 Elemental Mastery for eight seconds. If the burst triggers a Burning, Bloom, Quicken, or Spread reaction, Elemental Mastery will increase by another 60, and reset the duration of this C4 perk.
  • Comprehension Amidst the Flowers (C5): Increases the level of Tighnari’s Elemental Skill, Vijnana-Phala Mine, by three, with a maximum upgrade level of 15.
  • Karma Adjudged From the Leaden Fruit (C6): The charging time of Wreath Arrows is decreased by 0.9 seconds, and creates another Clusterbloom Arrow when it hits an enemy, dealing 150% of Tighnari’s attack stat as damage.

How to play Tighnari in Genshin Impact

Tighnari has a pretty unique playstyle in Genshin Impact, but you need to ensure you build a decent team around him and swap to them regularly to get the most out of using Tighnari in your team comp.

Your goal with Tighnari is to apply Dendro to enemies through his Elemental Burst and Skill, then fire off three Level 2 charged attacks after his skill has been activated, as this will reduce the time it takes to charge to Level 2. Next, switch to party members who can use skills and bursts that react with Dendro and cause further damage – then back to Tighnari to apply his burst and skill. Try and use this rotation as often as possible to get the maximum amount of damage out of teams with Tighnari in them.

Any downtime you have should be used to fire off Level 2 charged attacks by aiming with Tighnari’s bow. Alternatively, if you have somebody in your team with better DPS capabilities when using normal attacks, switch to them. Although, this typically won’t be the case unless you’re solely using Tighnari as a character to apply Dendro reactions with, instead of your main DPS dealer.

Best Tighnari team comp in Genshin Impact

To make the most out of Tighnari’s Dendro application, you should build a support team around Electro or Hydro characters – or even combining the two.

A character, like Fischl or Mona, who can constantly apply their element is pretty much a must. We recommend filling the third slot of your party with an Anemo-user who can then swirl this Electro or Hydro damage across the field, causing further AOE damage with that element. Although you can’t swirl Dendro, the damage you get from swirling Electro in particular is a huge DPS bonus to your team. Kazuha will be the best pick to apply swirl, followed by Sucrose.

The fourth slot is then best filled by an Electro (Kuki Shinobu) or Hydro healer (Kokomi, Barbara), or even a character like Zhongli if you want shields instead. We recommend either a Hydro or Electro healer, however, as they can also assist in applying elemental reactions with Dendro for further DPS potential, create resonance, or assist with Energy Particles if you have a greedy Electro or Hydro support when it comes to the energy they need to recharge an Elemental Burst.

Best Tighnari Artifacts in Genshin Impact

Deepwood Memories Circlet.

The best Tighnari Artifact set in Genshin Impact is the Deepwood Memories 4-piece, but only if none of your party has it equipped themselves. It’s important for somebody in the party to equip Deepwood Memories when Tighnari is your main DPS dealer so when that character’s Elemental Skill or Burst hits enemies, their Dendro resistance will be decreased by 30% for eight seconds, effectively giving Tighnari a damage buff.

Tighnari will also receive +15% Dendro damage if he equips at least a 2-piece Deepwood Memories, but the 4-piece Gilded Dreams is better suited to him in terms of damage potential. It will increase his Elemental Mastery by a lot, especially if you’re running a party with four different elements, which is need to raise his damage output.

Alternatively, if you haven’t farmed for this Sumeru Artifact set yet, the 4-piece Wanderer’s Troupe is a very good option too. At two pieces, it will increase Elemental Mastery by 80, and when you acquire the 4-piece, it increases charged attack damage by 35% for Tighnari – pretty handy for Tighnari’s playstyle.

Best Tighnari weapon in Genshin Impact

Hunter’s Path.

As it’s his signature weapon, the 5-Star Hunter’s Path is Tighnari’s best weapon in Genshin Impact. It raises his elemental and charged attack damage by a massive amount, along with having a high crit rate, which only gets better after refinement.

If you don’t want to pull for Hunter’s Path, however, a lot of other 5-Star bows are good substitutes, most notably the Polar Star and Aqua Simulacra – but there are many 5-Star bow options that can fill in for Hunter’s Path. Look at your 5-Star bows’ descriptions to see what best matches your playstyle and team comp for your personal ideal replacement.

As for other options, the Prototype Crescent is Tighnari’s best 4-Star weapon, with the 3-Star Slingshot actually being a viable option if you alter your playstyle and attack very close to enemies instead of hanging back.

Version 4.1 is coming! With it comes the debut of Neuvillette and Wriothesley, but in the meantime in version 4.0 our Fontaine guide can help with Fontaine’s Reputation and the Fountain of Lucine, and you can also redeem new codes for Primogems if you want Lyney – and check him out on our tier list. For improving Lyney, you’ll need lots of Rainbow Rose, and Lynette requires Lumidouce Bell.

You’ll also need luck from the Pity and 50/50 systems to Wish with Fate for them and future Banners, and you always need the right Adventure Rank for events.

Elsewhere, we have tips and tricks for beginners, Dendroculus locations, fishing locations, and TCG card locations.

Best Tighnari build in Genshin Impact

With all this in mind, if you want to take advantage of Tighnari’s DPS and Dendro application capabilities, we have compiled what we think is currently the best Tighnari build in Genshin Impact:

  • Tighnari Best Weapon: Hunter’s Path (or the Prototype Crescent as a 4-Star option).
  • Tighnari Best Artifacts: Four-piece Deepwood Memories if nobody else has it equipped, otherwise 4-piece Gilded Dreams or Wanderer’s Troupe.
  • Tighnari Best team comp: An Electro or Hydro support (like Fischl or Mona), an Anemo support for swirl (like Kazuha or Sucrose), an Electro or Hydro healer (like Kokomi or Kuki Shinobu).

It can take a lot of time to find these Artifacts and materials to level-up Tighnari to his full potential, but if you want a 5-Star with Dendro application potential and a unique playstyle, the farming will be worth your time.

Good luck levelling up Tighnari in Genshin Impact!

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