Genshin Impact Starconch locations, farming routes, and respawn time

You need to find Starconch locations in Genshin Impact if you want to promote some of your Liyue characters.

It has no other uses other than handing out some as part of smaller quests, but you must farm Starconch in Genshin Impact if you want to upgrade Yelan or Tartaglia (Childe) to their full Ascension potential.

You can’t farm Starconch indefinitely, as there is a respawn time, so we’ll cover where to find Starconch below, including farming routes.

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Where to find Starconch in Genshin Impact

There are three ways to get Starconch in Genshin Impact:

  • Buy it at Wanyou Boutique in Liyue
  • Liyue Beaches Farm
  • Travel to another player’s world in co-op and collect them from their Liyue beaches.

Wanyou Boutique is located below the north docks of Liyue Port. You must talk to Bolai to buy one for 1000 Mora, but there is a limit of x5 Starconches every three days.

You can get x5 Starconch for 1000 Mora each at Liyue Port.

The best way to get Starconch in Genshin Impact is to head to the Liyue beaches around Yaoguang Shoal, Guyun Stone Forest, and south of Guili Plains. In total, these beaches contain at least 60 Starconch.

We recommend bringing Qiqi or Yanfei while farming Starconch so you can take advantage of their very useful passive talents that allow them to detect Ascension material and display it on your minimap.

The beaches of Liyue contain large amounts of Starconch.

Remember, if you run out of Starconch in your own world, you can travel to another world state in co-op to collect the Ascension material in their version of the beaches of Liyue.

Genshin Impact Starconch Locations and Farming Routes

The Liyue areas of Yaoguang Shoal, Guyun Stone Forest, and Guili Plains have a high concentration of Starconch in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact Yaoguang Shoal Starconch Locations

Look near the water on the beaches of Yaoguang Shoal to find over 20 Starconch scattered around the area. Yaoguang is located just north of Liyue Port and east of the Guili Plains map marker.

Here is a farming route map of all the Yaoguang Shoal Starconch locations in Genshin Impact:

Genshin Impact Guyun Stone Forest Starconch Locations

You will have to follow two farming routes to collect all the Starconch in the Gyun Stone Forest, one on the north side of the islands and one on the south side. However, once you do, you’ll have over 20 Starconch to display. This set of islands can be found east of Liyue Harbor.

Here is a farming route map of all Guyun Stone Forest Starconch locations in Genshin Impact:

Genshin Impact Guili Plains Starconch Locations

Probably the easiest route to farm Starconch, the beach south of Guili Plains contains almost 20 Starconch near the water. Go to the beach east of the Geo Statues of the Seven in the Guili Plains area, not the beach near Yaoguang to start searching for the Ascension material.

Here is a farming route map of all the Guili Plains Starconch locations in Genshin Impact:

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Starconch Respawn Time

Like other Liyue special items, Starconch takes two days to respawn.

This can make farming Starconch a little tedious, but in two or three days (depending on how many you started farming with) you should have enough to fully ascend a character, as long as you have their other Ascension materials.

As of this writing, only Tartaglia (Childe) and Yelan need Starconch as Ascension materials.

All the best for finding Starconch in Genshin Impact!

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