Genshin Impact how to unlock Sumeru Reputation, all Sumeru Reputation quests and rewards

Genshin Impact 3.0’s big update includes new characters, the Dendro element, the Tree of Dreams, and of course the new Sumeru region, which has its own Sumeru Reputation system.

Each nation in Genshin Impact has its own quests and reputation rewards, and Sumeru is no different. You will need to complete bounties, requests, explore the land, and complete Sumeru-specific quests to increase your reputation and earn some unique rewards.

However, once you reach Sumeru in Genshin Impact, it’s not immediately obvious how to unlock Sumeru Reputation, so we’ve detailed exactly how below, along with all of the Sumeru Reputation quests and rewards.

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How to unlock Sumeru’s reputation in Genshin Impact

To unlock Sumeru’s reputation in Genshin Impact, you will need to complete the new Archon Quest ‘Chapter 3 – Act 2: The Morning That Brings a Thousand Roses’ added as part of the 3.0 update. This means that you must be at least Adventure Rank 35 and have completed the previous archon quest ‘Chapter 2 – Act 4: Requiem of the Echoing Depths’ to unlock this third story chapter.

Once you complete ‘The Morning That Brings a Thousand Roses’ and speak to Katheryne as part of the small quest ‘Dawn’, the world quest ‘Recruitment Corps of Thirty’ will become available. Select it from your quest menu and follow the marker that appears on your map to Effendi, which is located in the northeast corner of Sumeru City, just north of the spiral steps on your map.

Talk to Effendi after completing the world quest ‘Corps of Thirty Recruits’ to unlock quests and reputation rewards from Sumeru.

All you have to do now to unlock Sumeru’s reputation in Genshin Impact is talk to Effendi! Come back and chat with him at any time to open Sumeru’s reputation menu to check quests and collect rewards.

Genshin Impact Sumeru Reputation Quests and How to Increase Sumeru Reputation

To increase your Sumeru reputation level and unlock its unique rewards, you must complete rewards and requests, explore the region, and complete Sumeru-specific quests to earn reputation EXP.

Once you earn enough Sumeru Reputation EXP, your Sumeru Reputation level will increase and you can then claim the rewards for each level from the reputation menu.

Please note that you can only get three random rewards and three random requests each week. This is shared in the reputation of all regions. So if you’ve already completed one bounty in Inazuma and two in Monstadt, for example, you won’t be able to collect any more Sumeru until the week resets.

Rewards and requests are unlocked at Sumeru Reputation Level 2 and you will receive 60 Sumeru Reputation EXP for completing 3-star rewards, 80 4-star rewards, and 100 5-star rewards, and completing each weekly Sumeru request . Rewards 40 Sumeru EXP reputation.

Rewards and requests are unlocked at Sumeru reputation level 2.

Unlike rewards and requests, Sumeru milestones and exploration quests can be completed at any time and will be the same for all players.

Here are all the exploration missions included in Sumeru Reputation and their rewards:

  • Sumeru Exploration Progress 20%: 100 Sumeru Reputation EXP and 20,000 Mora
  • Sumeru Exploration Progress 40%: 100 Sumeru Reputation EXP and 20,000 Mora
  • Sumeru Exploration Progress 60%: 100 Sumeru Reputation EXP and 20,000 Mora

There are 23 Sumeru quests included in the Sumeru reputation. Here are all the missions included in the board and their rewards:

Sumeru Quest Prize
Through smoky mists and dark forests 100 Sumeru Reputation EXP
The morning that brings a thousand roses 100 Sumeru Reputation EXP
Supreme Gourmets: Within our functions 20 Sumeru Reputation EXP
The price 20 Sumeru Reputation EXP
Adventure requires courage! 20 Sumeru Reputation EXP
García’s anthem: a gift of compatibility 20 Sumeru Reputation EXP
The path of papers 20 Sumeru Reputation EXP
While the dream lasts 20 Sumeru Reputation EXP
Profitable hook 20 Sumeru Reputation EXP
Even beasts stumble 20 Sumeru Reputation EXP
Treasure of wisdom: a new plan 20 Sumeru Reputation EXP
Vimana Agama 20 Sumeru Reputation EXP
Until Vana is healed 20 Sumeru Reputation EXP
Varuna Gatha 20 Sumeru Reputation EXP
The final chapter of the memory 20 Sumeru Reputation EXP
Static views, part II 20 Sumeru Reputation EXP
Courage is in the heart. 20 Sumeru Reputation EXP
Where are the ferocious creatures? 20 Sumeru Reputation EXP
Aranyaka 20 Sumeru Reputation EXP
An unbreakable culinary dream 20 Sumeru Reputation EXP
The fatuous fool 20 Sumeru Reputation EXP
Agnihotra Sutra 20 Sumeru Reputation EXP
A brief encounter with a rare bird 20 Sumeru Reputation EXP

Version 4.1 is coming! With it comes the debut of Neuvillette and Wriothesley, but in the meantime, in version 4.0, our Fontaine guide can help you with the reputation of Fontaine and the Fountain of Lucine, and you can also redeem new codes for Primogems if you want Lyney, and check it out in our tier list. To upgrade Lyney, you will need a lot of Rainbow Rose and Lynette requires Lumidouce Bell. You’ll also need luck from the Pity and 50/50 systems to wish them fate and future banners, and you’ll always need the correct adventure rank for events. Elsewhere, we have beginner tips and tricks, Dendroculus locations, fishing locations, and TCG card locations.

Genshin Impact Sumeru Reputation Level Rewards

There are 10 Sumeru reputation levels in Genshin Impact and you will receive a unique reward every time you reach the amount of reputation EXP required for each one.

To claim your Sumeru reputation level rewards, select “Reputation Level” from the main Sumeru reputation menu, located in the lower left corner of the screen.

Here is every Sumeru reputation level reward in Genshin Impact and how much Sumeru reputation EXP you need to reach each level:

Sumeru Reputation Level Prize
Level 1 (unlocked automatically) Recipe: Butter Chicken
Level 2 (450 Sumeru Reputation EXP) Brightwood Pottery Workbench Brightwood Simple Shelf Feature Unlocked: Sumeru Mining Outcrop Quest
Level 3 (500 Sumeru Reputation EXP) The Blessing of the Elder Tree
Level 4 (550 Sumeru Reputation EXP) Sumeru: ObservanceRecipe: TalchinFeature Unlocked: Sumeru Merchant Discounts
Level 5 (600 Sumeru Reputation EXP) Ultra-hot burner lamp test model
Level 6 (650 Sumeru Reputation EXP) Brightwood Grocery StallBrightwood Kebab Kart
Level 7 (700 Sumeru Reputation EXP) Sumeru: Immaculate Recipe: Biryani
Level 8 (750 Sumeru Reputation EXP) Instructions: Dendroculus Resonance Stone
Level 9 (800 Sumeru Reputation EXP) Diagram: Dendro Treasure Compass
Level 10 (850 Sumeru Reputation EXP) Wings of the Forest (glider cosmetic)

While in Sumeru, you should make sure to unlock the Dream Tree, complete the Chapter 3 Act 1 Archon’s Quest, and unlock the Universal Mushroom Domain.

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