Fortnite Vending Machine locations explained and how they work

Fortnite vending machines were an addition to Epic Games’ Battle Royale mode back in early 2018 and have undergone some slight overhauls since then.

Added throughout the map, various vending machine locations allow you to purchase loot from their rotating list to help keep you topped up.

Loot and its rarity are random, so don’t expect it to shake up the meta too much, but it could be useful if you have some wood or metal burning a hole in your pocket.

If you’re just getting started, our Fortnite Battle Royale tips and tricks can give you some helpful hints.

How vending machine locations work in Fortnite

Unlike the things you’ll need to find for many Fortnite challenges, the vending machine locations are not in fixed locations on the map.

Instead, think of them more like chests, which are dropped in predictable locations but won’t always appear in exactly the same place (or that place) from game to game.

So how can you narrow down vending machine locations? This is easier said than done, especially since they are quite small and difficult to spot from the Battle Bus, but they are visible from a distance if you look at them from afar.

Vending machines tend to appear more in cities and populated areas, and not in the middle of nature, but there are some exceptions. Here is a map created by the LootLake_info community on reddit.

Fortnite season 8 vending machine locations, which are largely the same in season 9 so far. Credit: LootLate_info on Reddit.

We’ve tried to confirm these ourselves with some degree of success (since the spawns change from game to game, it’s hard to know if these are the exact same locations they can spawn in in the new Season 9), so the map above It’s a good place to start at least, if not with a definitive set of locations.

The fact that vending machines don’t spawn in predictable locations should ultimately be a good thing, as they won’t affect the meta too much, but can give you the option of loot if you need it and manage to find one.

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Fortnite vending machines explained

Introduced as part of Fortnite’s ‘Content Updates’ initiative, which introduces new content without the need for a full game update, vending machines first appeared on the map to give players the chance to get new loot. halfway through the game.

Previously, vending machines had a cost: you needed to give them a certain amount of materials in order to purchase items. The higher the rarity level of the item, the more materials it will cost: 400 materials for epic loot, 500 for legendary, etc.

Now, however, they work a little differently: items available in a vending machine are available for free.

You’ll still cycle through various options, always at a set level of rarity, so an Epic-exclusive purple machine might be one, and so on, and you only have to interact with the machine when it stops at the item you want. .

The available loot will cycle through the items on a short timer. To switch between items faster, hit it with your pickaxe, which is useful if you’re in a hurry.

You can only purchase one item and then the vending machine will disappear, having been “consumed” by your use, so choose wisely!

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