Fortnite – Birthday Cake locations: Where to dance in front of cakes and consume Birthday Cakes explained

Dancing in front of cakes and consuming birthday cakes in different matches are two of the Fortnite birthday challenges in Chapter 2 Season 8.

For these challenges, you must visit several of the named locations on the Fortnite map and find the birthday cakes hidden inside.

Completing both challenges will help you earn all three birthday items: 4 Me??? Back Bling, Hoopla Hammer collection tool and 4? Score! emote, instead of XP for the Season 8 Battle Pass.

Please note that this particular challenge can no longer be completed. What’s new? Chapter 4 Season 2 has arrived! New additions include Grind Rails and Kinetic Blades, along with the new Battle Pass, character collection, and Eren Jaeger skin. It’s a good idea to know how to get XP quickly in Fortnite.

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Birthday cake locations in Fortnite explained

There are 14 birthday cakes that you can dance in front of to complete this Fortnite birthday challenge. Each is located in a named location on the Fortnite map seen below.

The locations of the birthday cakes.

If you are having difficulty finding one of the cakes, we recommend that you get in a car and drive around the chosen location. Keep an eye out for the big cake and balloons! Don’t forget about opposing players who may want to cut your celebrations short either…

To find the birthday cake at Believer Beach, you need to head to the parking lot just west of the pier.

The birthday cake at Catty Corner can be found near the gas station.

If you want to visit the birthday cake at Coral Castle, head to the south entrance of the central ruins.

You can find the Corny Crops birthday cake on the western side of the farm.

In Craggy Cliffs, the birthday cake is located outside the shop opposite the entrance to the Fishsticks restaurant.

The Dirty Docks Birthday Cake can be found on the south side of the warehouse, south of the road leading to this location.

To find the birthday cake at Holly Hedges, you must visit the garden center entrance.

If you want to find the birthday cake in Misty Meadows, you need to head to the east side of town and simply walk along the road until you find the cake.

When you visit Lazy Lake, you can find a birthday cake near the tollbooth.

The birthday cake in Pleasant Park can be found in central park, near the soccer field goals.

Visit the main Retail Row parking lot to find another birthday cake.

The birthday cake in Sludgy Swamp can be found roughly in the middle of the factory area.

One Birthday Cake can be found in the Steamy Stacks parking lot.

It’s important to note that there are birthday cakes in other named locations besides the one highlighted above, such as in Weeping Woods, but dancing in front of these cakes doesn’t seem to count towards the challenge.

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How to consume birthday cakes in Fortnite

Once you’ve found a birthday cake in Fortnite, you’ll be able to consume the cake pieces around it, unless someone else has already eaten them!

If you don’t have full health and shield, eating the cake will restore some of both meters. However, if you have full health, it will only restore part of your shield.

You’ll need to consume four pieces of birthday cake in four different matches to complete one of Fortnite’s birthday challenges. We recommend trying to visit one of the many cakes at the beginning of the match to ensure you get a piece of cake before making a quick escape.

It is important to note that your progress in this challenge may only appear when you are eliminated or win the match.

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