Finding the chameleon in this image is impossible. Will you be able to find it in 7 seconds?

Who doesn’t love riddles? They are one of the best ways to increase mental capacity, develop lateral thinking skills, maintain memory strength, and strengthen your overall cognitive skills. There are many different types of puzzles; In some you will have to find a hidden object and in others you will have to solve a crime or catch a criminal through deduction and critical thinking. Some are easy and some are so difficult that finding answers to these brain puzzles will require inventive, thought-provoking mental processes. The brain puzzle we have prepared for you today requires you to find an animal hidden in the picture. And we assure you that solving this puzzle is almost impossible. So are you up to the challenge? Will you win or lose? Let’s find out.

Find the chameleon in 7 seconds


Source: Detormentis (YouTube)

The image above shows an illustration of symbols and icons. There are several symbols and icons in the image, and one of them is a chameleon. The chameleon is cleverly camouflaged in the image and you must find it within 7 seconds. Finding the hidden animal in this picture puzzle is almost impossible. But we know that you can make this possible in a matter of seconds.

So, get ready. The challenge begins now. We will be waiting for you to emerge victorious. All the best.

If you want, you can follow the clue given below and make it easier to solve this puzzle. Or you can skip it if you want.

Puzzle Hint: The chameleon is not present on the left side of the image. Here we go. The solution is given at the end. Scroll down when the timer reaches zero.

puzzle solution

This puzzle asked you to locate the chameleon hidden in the image. Here is the hidden reptile:


Source: Detormentis (YouTube)

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