Find the Mistake: You have high brain power if you can find the mistake in the picture in 7 seconds!

Find the Error: The activity of finding the error is based on the premise that an error is present in the image.

Users must identify the error within a specific time in order to successfully complete the challenge.

This type of challenge stimulates the visual cortex and engages the right and left hemispheres of the brain, stimulating creativity and critical thinking.

Regular practice of these challenges can be very beneficial in preventing cognitive decline in adults.

Do you want to test how sharp your brain is?

Then find the error in this image shared below in 7 seconds.

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Find the error in the bird image in 7 seconds


Source: Pinterest

The image shared above shows a cold winter scene where swallows and swift birds can be seen.

There is an error in the image and your task is to find the error in the image within 8 seconds.

Look at the image carefully and see if you can find the error within the time limit.

Very attentive people can spot the error in the image faster than others.

These types of challenges give your brain a balanced workout as you need to use logical and analytical thinking to solve the problem.

Hurry up; time is running out.

Focus on the image again and see if you can identify the error quickly.

The key to solving these challenges is attention, common sense, and an excellent eye for detail.

Were you able to find the error?

The last seconds remain.


The time limit has ended.

How many of you were able to identify the error in the image within the specified time limit?

Congratulations to those who have found the error. You have a brilliant mind and an exceptional eye for detail.

Those who can’t spot the error can stop searching now and check the solution below.

Find Bug in Bird Image in 7 Seconds – Solution

The error in the image is that birds such as swallows and swifts migrate to warmer climates during the winter and that is why it is not represented correctly.


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