Find the Mistake: Can you find the mistake in the clock tower picture in 7 seconds?

Find the Error: The Find the Error activity presents an image in which there is a deliberate error, the reader’s task is to identify the error in the image and solve the puzzle.

Making this challenge more entertaining and competitive is the criterion to identify the object within a specific time limit.

These challenges stimulate the visual cortex and engage the right and left hemispheres of the brain, increasing observation skills, attention span, creativity, and critical thinking.

Regular practice of these challenges can be very beneficial in preventing cognitive decline in adults.

Do you have really sharp eyes and excellent attention to detail?

Let’s find out.

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Find the bug in the clock tower image in 7 seconds


Source: Cool Side

The image shared above shows a setting sun scene with a clock tower containing two clocks on two sides.

There is an error in the image and your task is to find that error in the image within 7 seconds.

Look at the image carefully and see if you can find the error within the time limit.

These types of challenges give your brain a balanced workout by using your analytical and logical thinking to solve the problem.

The key to solving these challenges is attention, common sense, and an excellent eye for detail.

Very attentive people can spot the error in the image faster than others.

Hurry up; time is running out.

Focus on the image again and see if you can identify the error quickly.

Were you able to find the error?

The last seconds remain.


The time limit has ended.

How many of you were able to identify the error in the image within the specified time limit?

Congratulations to those who have found the error. You have a brilliant mind and exceptional observation skills.

Those who cannot find the error can stop searching.

Curious to know what the mistake was?

Then check out the solution below.

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Find the error in the Clock Tower image in 7 seconds – Answer

The image shows a setting sun, which means it is night, but the clocks show the time as 2 o’clock, which is incorrect. So the error in the image is in the clocks.


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