Final Fantasy 15 Moogle Chocobo Carnival guide – Medal locations, how to access, quests and mini-games explained

How to get medals in Moogle Chocobo Carnival: medallion locations, quests and mini-games

There are a variety of quests, mini-games and activities to see and do during the festival. Basically, everything serves to complete the ‘Interrupted by Fireworks’ mission, but you can continue playing once finished, or choose the activities you want to watch.

If you’re just looking for some quick medallions, we’ll skip the mini-games (which are difficult to master) and simply explore the city, grabbing medallions from the streets, as well as solving quick puzzles and searching for hidden objects. guides discussed and linked below.

Interrupted by fireworks

This basically acts as the “main objective”: get enough Choco-Mog medallions (50 total) to buy entry to seats for a fireworks show and a fancy suit at the Leville. Medallions come from a variety of sources, which we’ll explain below, and how to obtain them is up to you. When you have enough, buy your ticket at the prize counter, then head to Leville and enjoy the show.

When the scene ends, you will receive the ‘Dream Egg’ item, which has the description: “Obtained from the Moogle Chocobo Carnival, this enigmatic egg is full of big dreams, but shows no signs of hatching anytime soon.” As you suggest, it has no use yet, but it’s worth unlocking now as it could be something very useful in a future update to the game.

Hunting chocobos and moogles

There are a variety of fetch quests scattered throughout the Festival, which give you medallions as rewards. They include Oedka ke Chocochicks, in which you will have to hunt down 15 Chocobo chicks that have escaped throughout the city, listed on our Oedka ke Chocochicks locations page, and The Brothers Kupomazov, in which you will have to photograph six stuffed animals of Moogle hidden throughout the city. explained fully on our The Brothers Kupomazov locations page.

If you’re only after medals, then the Brothers’ mission is the more lucrative of the two. There are also a series of photography challenges; These appear on posters throughout the city, in which you are tasked with finding certain scenes or individuals and taking photographs of them to obtain two medals each.

Moogle Quiz and Decorating Puzzle

There are two types of puzzles in the Festival. One is All About Moogles, where you answer questions about Moogles and the wider world of Lucis, which we explain how to win on our All About Moogles answers page.

There are also three Decorations – decoded puzzles in Listro Park, again solved in full in the link above, which allow you to place decorations in a specific order based on a series of puzzles. Both are quick and easy sources of medals, especially if you use a guide, so make them a port of call during your stay.

New Chocobo Racing courses

One of the most developed activities from the main story, Chocobo Racing, carries over to Carnival, with two new courses in the game’s port area. Completing each one within the time limit will earn you medals and earn you an “awesome” par time for exclusive items. Read how to earn them on our page dedicated to the Seaside Scamper and Water Trotter Chocobo Racing courses. If you’ve unlocked Ascension skill nodes for them, you’ll also earn AP and EXP points for completing races.


Another minigame in the story, and Noct’s specialty, is fishing. There are three fishing spots scattered around the city and they offer a variety of exclusive rewards, including some medallions for certain types of fish:

  • Class A – Howling Blast Rod
  • Class B – Albireo Reel
  • Class C – Poppeck: Chococo Tinselred Lure
  • Class D – Mog Range: Rubygold Moogle Lure
  • Class E – Choco-mog Medallions

Like Chocobo Racing, you can earn AP and EXP points, as well as fishing experience, if you have unlocked the relevant fishing nodes in the Ascension menu.

Galviano Gallery Minigame

This minigame is at the Arena Galviano station, which you can access from the gondola at the north end of the city, in Listro Park. This is a simple shooting gallery, where you hit targets that appear to earn points. The main objectives and their scores are:

  • White – Low resistance (100 points)
  • Orange – High resistance (200 points)
  • Bright yellow: low resistance, disappears quickly (500 points)
  • Blue Targets – High Resistance (1,000 points)
  • Cactuar – High resistance (1,500 points)
  • Behemoth – High resistance, (3000 points)

The key is to avoid overheating, which happens when you hold the trigger for too long, rendering you unconscious for an unbearably long period of time, and will almost certainly mean you won’t beat your target time.

You should keep an eye out for the Cactuar at all times, as they are high value and easy to defeat, and obviously the huge targets. Also don’t be afraid to spray an entire line of linens in one go. The higher the difficulty, the more medals you will earn, 10 for succeeding on Hard.

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Minigame “Whack-a-Cactuar”

This is also at the Arena Galviano station, which you can access from the cable car at the northern end of the city, in Listro Park. There are three difficulty levels, each of which increases the score and adds adversaries that you must avoid as you try to run and hit Cacutars.

While it’s best to avoid warp attacks as that will give you lower points, it is the best way to get close to an enemy, so feel free to use it to avoid wasting time. However, if you’re close, it’s best to run the short distance swinging, as warp attacks also tend to overwhelm. When the Giant Cacutar appears, go after it specifically, as that will give you more points. The higher the difficulty, the more medals you will earn, 10 for succeeding on Hard.

Waiting for Maagho’s minigame

You will find it at the ‘Floating Market Station – Maagho’, which can only be reached by gondola. Board any of the yellow loop stations in the main part of the city and select it from the menu.

This is a mini-game in which you must take orders from one or more customers, remember their orders, and serve them again. First, receive customer orders; There are only four dishes, so it’s easier to remember their position on the grill than their names (the number of dishes is also important), as well as who ordered them. If you don’t advance to the stage of serving the dish, then someone else needs an order, so keep looking.

When you have taken everyone’s order, you will have to serve them. Give them to the right people and repeat. Complete the quotas they give you to get medallions.

Other Carnival activities for easy Medallions

In addition to the full and proper mini-games, there are other things you can try that will net you a handful of medallions.

The kids in town will have lost their balloons, and you must Warp Strike before they float away. While you have to be quick, the camera will point you in their direction, so it’s pretty easy to capture them. Three we have found are on a bridge north of the Port Station, another on a bridge northeast of the Sonelio Plaza fishing spot, and one on the south side of Listro Park. You will get two medallions for each successful recovery of the balloon.

Elsewhere, take a photo at the tourist spot on the upper level west of the Gurgola Channel fishing spot for three easy coins and take part in a dancing mini-game with costumed characters (one in front of Chocobo Races in the southwest, and another in front of the Square Enix Café to the east) for another three easy Medallions each.

Fallen medallions around the city.

In addition to obtaining them through side quests and mini-games, medallions can be found on the ground throughout the city as you explore, similar to the sparkling items and features you’ll find in the main story.

The number of medallions you collect from each location is random and low (between one and three), but it’s one of the easier sources that adds up quickly, so keep an eye out for nearby ones. While this is not a definitive list of all locations, it should highlight some of the most obvious ones to find:

  • Behind where you start at the port station.
  • Along the west side docks; go up the bridge north of the Chocobo Races kiosk, head south to the fountain on the wall
  • Inside Leville, at the table in front of the check-in counter
  • South of Port West Station and below the Chocochicks quest giver
  • South of Ministerial Quarter station, past the bridge
  • On the upper level between the Barrio Ministerial station and the Canal Furgola fishing spot, on a table
  • Turn the corner of the Photo Challenge board on the upper level next to Canal Furgola on the map.
  • Behind the panel of tourist photographs in the north of the city, passing the Kenny Crow dance.
  • Head southeast of the Kenny Crow Dance in the north of town, and you’ll be in the open alley.
  • On a bench in the northwest passage, west and up some stairs where you find Kenny Crow.
  • East of Listro Park, down the small steps, next to the chairs.
  • Behind the desk at the Square Enix Café
  • The level below the Square Enix Cafe is an alley where you will find the Cursed Canvas quest.
  • South of where the wedding dress shop would be, on a coffee table.
  • Right outside Palsino Street Station

Do you need more help? Our Final Fantasy 15 guide and walkthrough can provide advice on the many open world quests and activities. Learning how to get AP quickly, EXP quickly, and Gil quickly in Final Fantasy 15 will help you in the many optional dungeons and tombs, including how to open and explore their locked doors. And if you want to get around easier, you can rent a Chocobo, learn the infinite sprint trick, and, later in the game, get the Regalia Type F flying car. There’s also more to see and do with the DLC, like Episode Gladiolus, Episode Prompto and Multiplayer Comrades Packs.

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