Elden Ring Ulcerated Tree Spirit tips and strategy

Ulcerated Tree Spirit is an optional boss found in the open world of Elden Ring.

As you might have guessed from the name, Ulcerated Tree Spirit is a grotesque monster, which won’t surprise veterans of FromSoftware games at all.

You can take down the Festering Tree Spirit solo or cooperatively with another player or NPC, although the latter is definitely easier. Additionally, a Spirit Ash Summon is allowed to be used in the fight against this boss.

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How to Prepare for the Spirit of the Ulcerated Tree

For the Ulcerated Tree Spirit, we recommend facing the boss with a physical character. You’ll want to try to equip yourself with a strong sword and shield, or carry a powerful two-handed weapon for the fight ahead.

Additionally, the Ulcerated Tree Spirit’s main weakness is fire damage. To that end, if you have Fire Grease to cover your weapon or Fire Pot to throw at the boss, we absolutely recommend bringing both into the boss battle.

Ulcerated Tree Spirit Tips: How to Defeat Ulcerated Tree Spirit

The Ulcerated Tree Spirit takes the form of a gigantic, lumbering slug-like monster, with arms protruding from its upper body and an open mouth that will knock you over in one fell swoop.

Speaking of which, the main attack you need to watch out for in this fight is the Ulcerated Tree Spirit’s mouth which suddenly glows bright yellow, because it’s about to unleash one of several attacks.

If the boss doesn’t move after his mouth starts glowing, he is about to perform a large area of ​​effect attack using magic damage on the ground immediately in front of him.

This is your cue to back off, or if you think you can make it in time, run around the boss to land a few hits while he’s busy.

Alternatively, if the boss curls back slightly while its mouth is on fire, you’ll want to prepare to dodge. His mouth will attack you from above, and if you don’t move out of the way at the last second, the Festering Tree Spirit will trap you in his mouth, dealing massive elemental damage.

This can be a deadly one-hit attack if you are not leveled significantly before facing the boss.

However, the boss can perform this attack without his mouth glowing. An alternate version of this attack occurs when the Ulcerated Tree Spirit is repelled from the walls of the arena, approaching your mouth first along the ground.

Just dodge the spin to either side of the mouth when it’s a few feet in front of you and you’ll have trouble getting out of the way.

The last elemental attack to watch out for is when the Ulcerated Tree Spirit shines everywhere. Move away from the boss as soon as he appears, because he is about to unleash a huge area of ​​effect attack on you using his magical powers.

Aside from elemental attacks, the Ulcerated Tree Spirit attacks in large patterns with its arms. Fortunately, the attacks are quite slow, so there is plenty of time to dodge them before they collapse.

Just be careful not to dodge too soon, or you risk getting caught in the attack when the boss actually swings his arms at you.

When the boss brings his stubby hands together, make sure you’re ready to dodge. The Festering Tree Spirit is about to smash both arms in a big attack, and you need to make sure to only dodge when the arms come down, as the boss will follow you first.

Luckily, there’s no other strike after this, so feel free to attack the boss.

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Reward from the Spirit of the Ulcerated Tree

When you have killed the Festering Tree Spirit, you will get 15,000 runes as a reward. You’ll also get a Golden Seed, which can be used to increase the number of Flasks you carry in a Siege of Grace, as well as the Ashes of the Banished Knight Oleg.

This latest reward takes the form of a summon from Ash, and he’s an incredibly powerful hitter.

Now that the battle with the festering tree spirit is over, you will need to take the teleporter back to the open world of Elden Ring and continue the adventure.

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