Diablo 2 respec: How to reset your skills and stats explained

Do you feel like trying a different build but don’t want to start from scratch? Here’s how to reset your skills and stats in Diablo 2.

You can reset your skills and reset your stats in Diablo 2.

While Diablo 2: Resurrected offers a variety of quality of life changes to the core experience, the ability to reset your abilities (also known as respec, which is short for Respecialization) remains the same.

This page explains how to reset your skills in Diablo 2: Resurrected and how to reset your stats so you can start over.

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How to reset your skills and stats in Diablo 2: Resurrected

Respec in Diablo 2 allows you to reset both your skills and stat points already invested in your class character. This means that they will all be returned to you after performing the action.

This is useful for a variety of reasons: maybe you’ve put dozens of hours into the game but aren’t feeling the build you’ve been following until now, or you just thought you’d try something new without the need to level up another character. scratch.

Unlike Diablo 3, where you can respect the specifications at any time and without intermediate limitation, there are some conditions to take into account compared to its predecessor. First, the easiest way to reset your skills in Diablo 2 is to complete the first mission of Act I, called Den of Evil.

This quest is very simple, as you only need to complete a dungeon in the first area outside of the Rogue Camp. You will then be able to reset your skills and stats by simply speaking to Akara and selecting the option.

You can respawn up to three times per character, once per difficulty (Normal, Nightmare, and Hell). To unlock a higher difficulty, you must first complete all five acts of the game.

Now, if you want to respawn more than three times, the option to do so is a bit complicated.

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How to get the Absolution Token in Diablo 2

The Absolution Token is an item that can be obtained on Hell difficulty, meaning it will take you a while to get there.

This item is created by combining specific rare items from all Act bosses. You must then combine them using the Horadric Cube, which is obtained in Act II.

You need four of these drops, called Essences, in order to create the Absolution Token. In order, these are the bosses that drop from each of them:

  • Twisted Essence of Suffering: Dropped by Andariel and Duriel
  • Hateful Essence: Dropped by Mephisto
  • Burning Essence of Terror: Dropped by Diablo
  • Festering Essence of Destruction: Cast by Baal

Once you have all four essences, drag them into the cube and create the Absolution Token.

In case you have exhausted Akara’s three respect possibilities, in addition to having used the Absolution Token once, you are free to gather the essences again and repeat the entire process as many times as you want.

The steps seem simple, but it is a time-consuming task. We recommend maintaining Akara’s respect for as long as possible to avoid routine.

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