Dewald Brevis Religion What Religion is Dewald Brevis? Is Dewald Brevis a Christian?

Dewald Blevis Religion

Dewald Brevis is a South African cricketer who was born on April 29, 2003. He has become a South African cricketer and gained more fame and his fans are looking for Dewald Breivis’ religion. Many celebrities belong to different religions, but some of them don’t flaunt their religion openly.

Let us check out the following sections to understand the religious beliefs of Dewald Blevis.

real name

Dewald Breves

date of birth

April 29, 2003


20 years old


180 cm


69 kg (152 lbs)

place of birth

Johannesburg, South Africa




south african cricketer

Country of Citizenship

South African



Instagram association

What is the religion of Dewald Blevis?

Dewald Brevis is a Christian and the South African cricketer Dewald Brevis was born in Johannesburg, South Africa. According to his date of birth, he is 20 years old.


Was Dewald Blevis a Christian?

Yes, according to various online sources, Dewald Bleivis is a Christian. Learn all about Dewald Brevis, his biography and many more updates.

Who is Derwald Blevis?

Dewald Brevis is a budding South African cricketer who is primarily known for his potential as a promising young talent in the cricket world. Breivis was born in Johannesburg, South Africa on April 29, 2003 and is considered one of the country’s most exciting rising stars.

Brevis is a stylish and aggressive right-handed hitter who has already attracted attention at the youth level. His performances in junior cricket showcased his batting talent, impeccable timing and ability to clear boundaries with ease. These qualities make him a player to watch out for in South African cricket.

As he progressed through the team, his ability to adapt to various game formats was evident. While he is known for his prolific performances in limited-overs cricket, it was expected that he could make an impact in longer formats as well.

Dewald Breivis’ career is on an upward trajectory and he is seen as a future star for the South African national team. His dedication to honing his skills and strong work ethic are expected to play a vital role in his cricketing career.

Dewald Blevis age

As of now, Dewald Brevis is 20 years old (born on April 29, 2003). Brewis is a very promising young cricketer known for his excellent batting skills and explosive batting. His age in 2023 suggests that he is still in the early stages of his cricket career and has plenty of time to develop and grow.

Born in Durban, Brewis comes from an area with a long cricketing tradition and a history of producing talented cricketers. His youth and potential make him an exciting prospect in South African cricket and he is expected to continue to improve his skills and gain valuable experience in domestic and potentially international cricket.

Derwald Blevis height and weight

South African cricketer Dewald Brevis has a height of 180 cm, which is approximately 5 feet 11 inches. His weight is approximately 69 kilograms, which is equivalent to approximately 152 pounds. These physical qualities are noteworthy as they play a crucial role in determining his abilities and suitability for cricket.

Breivis’ height provides him with an advantageous frame as a cricketer. This gives him good reach when hitting the ball, which facilitates his ability to deliver big hits effectively. Additionally, it helps him defensively as he can cover the ground quickly and efficiently in various spots on the field.

His weight is 69 kg, which shows that he has a balanced physique, which is crucial in cricket as it allows him to maintain agility, speed and endurance during long matches. This balance between height and weight ensures that he brings out the best in both batting and fielding, making him a well-rounded cricketer.

physical properties



180 cm


69 kg (152 lbs)

Dewald Breves nationality

Dewald Brevis is from South Africa and proudly holds South African citizenship. Born in Johannesburg on 29 April 2003, nationality was a fundamental aspect of his identity as a budding cricketer.

South Africa has a rich cricketing tradition and has produced many world-renowned cricketers over the years. Dewald Brevis’ nationality links him to this storied cricketing tradition and demonstrates his loyalty to his motherland.

As a South African cricketer, Brewis had the opportunity to don the iconic Proteas jersey and represent his country on the international stage. His performances at home have earned him recognition and he is keen to continue making a significant contribution to South African cricket.

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Dewald Blevis acting career

Dewald Brewis is a South African cricketer who is widely regarded as one of the most promising young batsmen in the world. He is a right-handed top-order batsman known for his aggressive batting style and ability to hit the ball at long distances. Breivis made his debut for the South Africa national team in August 2023 in a T20I match against Australia.

He started playing cricket at a young age and quickly rose through the South African youth system. He was part of the South Africa U-19 team that won the World Cup in 2022.

During the 2022 U-19 World Cup, Brewis broke several records, including most runs by a player in a single match (506) and highest individual score in a T20 match (162). His performance in the game caught the attention of the cricketing world and soon he was signed by Mumbai Indians for the 2023 edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL).

Breves made his IPL debut in April 2023 and he quickly made a name for himself with his aggressive batting style. He scored 318 points in 18 games with an average of 25.85 and a shooting percentage of 141.14. Brevis was also named the best young player of the 2023 IPL tournament.

In August 2023, Breivis made his debut for the South Africa national team in a T20I match against Australia. He scored 18 points quickly in his debut and helped the team win. Brewis is expected to play an important role in the South African batting line-up in the coming years.

Here are some of Brevis’ notable achievements during his career:

  • Won the 2022 World Cup with South Africa’s under-19 national team
  • Broken multiple records at the 2022 Under-19 World Cup, including most runs scored in a single match (506) and highest individual score in a T20 match (162)
  • Named the Best Young Player of the IPL Championship 2023
  • Make his national team debut on behalf of South Africa in August 2023

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