Destiny 2 Traveler’s Chosen quest steps: How to complete every Exodus Evacuation quest step

Destiny 2’s Traveler’s Chosen is an exotic quest available during Year 3 Season of Arrivals.

Released on September 8, 2020, following the conclusion of Solstice of Heroes, the Exodus: Evacuation mission offers a last hurray for several destinations leaving the game with the arrival of Beyond Light in November.

It’s a series of very simple steps with few challenges, but certainly a long process, including visiting Io, Titan, Mars and Mercury and completing various planetary activities. There’s a lot to do, so consider it a good excuse to revisit destinations we won’t be able to find again once the season ends.

However, the rewards are worth it; Completing the quests not only gives you an exotic needed to complete this year’s Moments of Triumph, but it also gives you guaranteed access to hard-to-find Nightfall-specific weapons that you may have missed over the years.

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How to get the Traveler’s Chosen in Destiny 2 soon

Here’s a quick summary of the steps needed to get Traveler’s Chosen:

  1. Start the Exodus quest chain: Evacuation from Zavala in the Tower
  2. Visit Io, Titan, Mars, and Mercury and complete a weekly bounty from each vendor.
  3. The Exodus begins: Zavala evacuation mission in the Tower
  4. Visit Ashir Mir on Io and complete a Lost Sector, Raid, and Heroic Adventure.
  5. Visit Sloane on Titan and complete a lost sector, open three enemy chests, and complete a raid.
  6. Visit Zavala in the Tower for a mid-mission reward.
  7. Visit Brother Vance on Mercury and complete two attacks and a heroic adventure.
  8. Visit Ana Bray on Mars and scan a Rasputin signal, defeat five Escalation Prococol bosses, and experience a heroic adventure.

Once the above is done, Traveler’s Chosen is yours. Thanks to KackisHD on YouTube for completing some of the steps above:

How to Start the Exodus: Evacuation Mission in Destiny 2

The Exodus quest, which concludes with receiving the Traveler’s Chosen, began with Exodus: Evacuation, a quest chain first available with Season of Arrivals in July 2020.

After visiting Zavala in the Tower, you must visit the four vendors on Io, Titan, Mars and Mercury, the four places where the Darkness is encroaching and will disappear from the game with the arrival of the Beyond Light expansion in November.

In each step of the mission you will have to visit each supplier and complete a weekly reward. These are the two leftmost rewards on the reward selection screen, and the objectives change each week, such as performing specific types of kills, completing missed sectors or attacks, etc.

If any of them are too difficult or long, you can simply wait until next week. However, they can all be achieved solo, and once done, return to that vendor, then visit the next planet mentioned in the quest, until returning to Zavala in the Tower.

Once you have completed the Exodus: Preparation mission, the Exodus: Evacuation segment will be available. This first appeared in the game on September 8, 2020.

Visit Zavala again and he will direct you to the four planetary vendors. This time, each one will have more complicated missions to complete. Stock up on Tower rewards for some extra XP along with the impending job, and let’s get started.

How to Complete Exodus from Io: Evacuation Mission Steps and Find the Unexpected Guests Heroic Location

On Io, Asher Mir’s mission steps are as follows:

  • Complete the Shrine of Bones Lost Sector, killing the Taken Phalanx Barrismo along the way and collecting 25 Taken Corruption Traces on Io.

This basically allows you to run the Sanctum of Bones Lost Sector. It is located just opposite Asher Mir and will complete the other two passes along the way.

  • Complete The Pyramidion Strike and collect 40 Scan Traces by defeating Vex on Io.

On the Io map screen, simply select Pyramidion Strike and complete it. You should kill 40 Vex in the process, but if you have any left over, go back to Patrol and find Vex until you have enough.

  • Complete the Unexpected Guests (Heroic) quest on Io.

This adventure is located on Io’s director screen/map – it’s a large blue icon on the left side, near where you can start The Whisper quest. Easily lost!

The adventure itself is quite simple and can be played alone without many problems.

Once this is done, visit Asher Mir to pick up the Silicon Neuroma Sniper Rifle. This usually has a chance to drop from the Pyramidion when it’s a Nightfall Strike, so consider it a guaranteed way to get it before that Strike is skipped.

Once this is done, it’s time to head to Titan.

How to Complete Titan Exodus: Evacuation Mission Steps and

Once you’re done with Io, it’s time to visit Sloane on Titan.

The mission steps are as follows:

  • Complete the Methane Dump Lost Sector and defeat the Dek-Thra Hive Knight inside.

This is a simple case of how to clear the Methane Dump Lost Sector and the extra Knight found inside.

  • Open 1 chest in the Solarium and 2 chests in the Festering Halls, both guarded by Hive Ultras.

These two areas are at the eastern end of the patrol space. You’re looking for three enemies with yellow bars in these two areas.

As you progress, there are objective markers indicating the location of each enemy, making it obvious that they are there. Defeating each one generates a chest. Do all three to complete this step.

  • Complete the Savathun Song Raid and collect 25 Tech Shards from Ogres, Wizards, and Knights.

Speaking of which, you must perform Savathun’s Song Strike to finish the Titan Exodus quest set. By the end, you should have completed the secondary objective as well.

If you don’t, simply return to the Patrol space and find them in the wild to get everything you need.

Once this is done, return to Sloane to pick up the Duty Bound Automatic Rifle. This usually has a chance to appear in Savathun’s Song when it’s a Nightfall Strike, so he considers this a guaranteed way to get it before that Strike is skipped.

Before heading to Mars, you must return to Zavala in the Tower, who will give you the Mindbender’s Ambition Masterworked Shotgun. This is another Nightfall exclusive release for The Hollowed Lair raid.

Next, it’s time to visit Mercury.

How to Complete Mercury Exodus: Evacuation Mission Steps

With Titan and a visit to Zavala sorted, head to Brother Vance, Mercurio’s vendor, who will walk you through the next steps of the mission.

  • Complete Garden World Strike and collect 15 Hydra, Minotaur, and Cyclops Timeline Fractures on Mercury.

This is the same deal as previous patrol areas: choose the Strike on the Director’s screen and you should get all the drops from the enemies when it’s over.

  • Complete the Tree of Probabilities raid and collect 40 Cabal Osiris Traces on Mercury.

Same thing again: execute the Strike and the secondary objective is to eliminate enemies as you go.

  • Complete the heroic adventure bug in the system.

As with the heroic adventure on Io, this will be a single objective on the Director’s screen.

Once this is done, return to Brother Vance to pick up the DFA Hand Cannon. This usually has a chance to drop from the Chance Tree when it’s a Nightfall Strike, so consider it a guaranteed way to get it before that Strike is skipped.

This time we won’t visit Zavala: it’s time to head straight to Mars.

How to Complete Exodus from Mars: Evacuation Mission Steps

Visit Mars supplier Ana Bray who will walk you through the next steps in order.

  • Investigate Mindlab: Rasputin for a signal from Rasputin.

This allows you to scan a specific location within Mindlab: Rasputin, the area just after where you will find Ana Bray. Here is 360GameTV on YouTube with the exact location you need to go to:

  • Defeat five bosses within the Escalation Protocol to receive Rasputin Frame Pieces.

This one is pretty simple: defeat the boss at the end of an Escalation Protocol level; any level will do, just do five of them. Also, as of this writing, there is a bug where you can defeat certain yellow bar enemies on Mars, such as wanted enemies, which will count towards this objective (thanks Vuki486 on reddit for pointing this out).

  • Complete the Deadly Tremors heroic quest

The final step allows you to complete another heroic adventure. Again, you can find the objective on the Director’s screen.

Once this is done, return to Ana Bray to pick up the Braytech Osprey Rocket Launcher. This usually has a chance to drop from strange terrain when it comes to a Nightfall Strike, so consider it a guaranteed way to get it before that Strike is skipped.

Now head to the Tower one last time to get the exotic chosen by the Zavala traveler. Well done!

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