Demon Slayer Hashira Names and Ranking Strongest to Weakest

Demon Slayer: Blade Pillar name


Column name




stone pillar


Kyojuro Renseki

pillar of flame


Tomioka Giyu

water column


Shinjinchawa Shimi

wind pillar


Tianyuan Maozui

Pillar Hotel


Xiaohua Neihei

snake pillar


Ganlu Temple Manli

love pillar


Tokihito Muichiro

fog column


Shinobu Komachi

insect column

Hashira ranking from strongest to weakest

Stone Pillar – Himejima

Xingmei is the strongest pillar because he is tall and powerful. He is respected by all and behaves like a leader of the group. He is also sensitive and caring.

Kyojuro Renseki – Pillar of Flame

Renseki is a very confident warrior who is skilled in the use of fire. His ability to save many lives on the train shows his strength and bravery. Unfortunately, he was killed by a powerful demon.

Tomioka Giyu-Water Pillar

Giyu is calm and powerful. His effectiveness comes from his ability to defeat demons with water. He believes it’s important to give something a chance, even if it’s letting a demon survive.

Shinjinchuan Shishi – Fengzhu

Sanami is extremely fast and hates demons. He is a strong competitor because of his speed and skill in using the wind.

Tianzheng Maozui-Sound Hasira

Tengen Uzui is a fearless warrior who carries huge weapons and throws them quickly. He even defeated a very powerful demon in battle, in which he was also seriously injured.

Xiaohua Neihei-Snake Pillar

Xiaohua Neihei is a strange man with a complicated background. Although he has no physical strength, he has good fighting skills and intelligence.

Ganlu Temple Honey-Ai Zhu

Mitsuri has a sensitive personality and has a unique blade that makes the devil unpredictable. She may be strong, but she also has a deep love for her friends.

Tokido Muichiro – Hashira Kiri

Muichiro is a young man who likes to keep to himself. Although he is still learning, he has the ability to become stronger.

Fluttershy Ninja – Insect Pillar

Shinobu is smart and fights demons with poison instead of force. Although she lacks physical strength, she is very smart and can handle her own affairs.


Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba is a Japanese manga. Its author is Goto Koharu. The manga was published in “Weekly Shonen Jump” magazine from February 2016 to May 2020 and is included in 23 volumes. It is also available in English.

The story was adapted into a 26-episode TV series in 2019 and adapted into the movies “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba” and “Mugen Train: The Movie” in 2020, becoming the highest-grossing animated film in Japan’s history. Since then, more seasons and movies have been released. It is one of the most successful comic series of all time.


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