Death Stranding Half Life missions: How to find Portal cube quests for Valve-themed rewards

The Death Stranding Half-Life and Portal crossover debuted with the 2020 PC release and later hit consoles with the Director’s Cut edition.

Hidden in the game are additional quests themed around finding companion cubes.

Completing these will reward you with some Valve-themed items, including Gordon Freeman’s glasses, a Half-Life Wearable Headcrab, and a Valve, ahem, Valve.

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Death Stranding Half-Life and Portal Crossover Missions Explained

Death Stranding’s Half-Life and Portal crossover content comes in the form of additional missions delivered to your inbox throughout the game.

Keep checking your inbox and look for messages with Half-Life’s iconic Lambda symbol (λ) in the subject header. For example, the first is by Benjamin H.

Each one wants you to find one of the cubes that accompany Portal in the world. The body of the email will give you instructions on where to find them based on local settlements and landmarks.

Once you’ve found the cube, add it to your cargo pile and return it to a base as you would any other lost cargo, completing the mission and giving you a Valve-themed reward.

There are several that you can find throughout the game, so keep checking your inbox to see if new ones appear as you complete more orders.

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Death Stranding Half-Life and Portal Crossover Reward Items

For every Half-Life and Portal mission you complete, you’ll unlock a new Valve-themed reward.

From what we know ahead of launch, these include…

Gordon Freeman Glasses:

Wearable valve:

Half-Life Portable Headcrab:

Half-Life logo decal (for vehicle decoration):

Half-Life Combine Strider hologram (for decorating bases):

Half-Life: Alyx Gravity Gloves:

If you’re looking for more information on the critical path, our Death Stranding walkthrough can help you.

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