Chocobo Racing in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth explained

Chocobo Racing in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is one of the many minigames you can participate in to take a break from trying to save the world.

Your feathered friends, the Chocobos, are much more than a means of getting around in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth: you can compete with them to earn Gold Saucer Points and Gil, as well as bragging about being the best Chocobo Jockey around.

Without further ado, we’re here to show you how to unlock Chocobo Racing in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, as well as explain how to choose a Chocobo, Chocobo Gear, and all types of Chocobo Race Balloon.

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How to unlock Chocobo Racing in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

To unlock Chocobo Racing in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, you must complete Chapter 7: All That Glitters. Once you have completed this and unlocked the desert half of Corel, you will be able to return to the Gold Saucer to participate in Chocobo Racing.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Cloud and Gus.
Image credit: Eurogamer/Square Enix.

How to start Chocobo Racing in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Once unlocked, you can start Chocobo Racing in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth by heading to the Gold Saucer and speaking to the staff member behind the counter in Chocobo Square.

The Chocobo Plaza ticket office has two large screens above it showing a current Chocobo race.
Image credit: Eurogamer/Square Enix.

Then, you can choose which range you want to perform. You can then choose any of the tracks available for that range:

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Chocobo Racing rank three racing circuit menu
Image credit: Eurogamer/Square Enix.

You will need to pay a Gil fee to participate in any of the races. Once you’ve confirmed which track you want to race on, your next task will be to choose your Chocobo.

Choosing a Chocobo to compete in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Each Chocobo you collect from the different regions of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth will have their own unique racing abilities, and which one you choose to take to the track with you will be a major factor in winning or losing the race.

However, all Chocobos will have the following traits in some form:

  • Speed: The higher it is, the faster your Chocobo can go.
  • Acceleration: The higher it is, the faster your Chocobo can go.
  • Weight: Makes the Chocobo harder to hit or knock down, but reduces the distance they can fly.
  • Curves: Increases a Chocobo’s ability to navigate curves on the track.
  • Intelligence: Determines how effective the Chocobo’s special ability is.
  • Strength: This trait prevents the Chocobo from sliding around the track.

When you choose your Chocobo, you will be able to see the individual statistics of each one in the lower right corner of the screen.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Chocobo Racing Chocobo Selection Skills and Traits Screen
Image credit: Eurogamer/Square Enix.

Then their unique skill, how many races they have competed and how many they have won in the bottom left corner of the screen.

Chocobo Racing Gear explained in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Additionally, the equipment you put on your Chocobo before a race can affect the final result. As you travel through the different regions, you can collect golden feathers by repairing Chocobo stops. These golden feathers can then be spent at any Chocobo Ranch on equipment for your Chocobos. In the wild, they simply make your feathered friend look cool, but the equipment itself has a completely different meaning in racing.

Each item of equipment you purchase for your Chocobo will have its own set of features for Chocobo Racing. Once you’ve chosen your Chocobo, you’ll be able to equip any piece of equipment you’ve previously purchased or unlocked for it. When you select an item of equipment, the Chocobo’s statistics in the lower right corner of the screen will be altered.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Chocobo Racing Team Chocobo Attributes and Statistics
Image credit: Eurogamer/Square Enix.

Some pieces will complement each other, while others will negate the benefits of another piece, so it’s important to pay attention to each piece’s unique stats and qualities that appear in the bottom left corner of the screen.

All types of Chocobo Racing balloons explained in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

In a Chocobo race you will come across several different types of balloons that you can load into to give your Chocobo a number of different upgrades.

Here are all the Chocobo Racing Balloon types in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth and what each one does.

Dash Balloons (Yellow)

These balloons add charge to the Dash gauge on the left side of the screen. When you’ve completely filled at least one section, you can press R1 to send your Chocobo forward with a quick burst of speed.

However, you can only withhold the charge for the number of spaces on your gauge. If your gauge is full and you charge at a Dash Balloon, nothing will happen.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Chocobo Racing Dash Balloons and Skill
Image credit: Eurogamer/Square Enix.

Speed ​​balloons (blue)

As you collect these balloons, your Chocobo’s overall speed (without any additional boosts like Dash) will increase. You can check your Chocobo’s current average speed by looking at the bar on the left side of the screen.

Each Balloon will increase your Chocobo’s speed by one and you can reach a maximum speed of ten. Be careful though, if you hit another Chocobo or collide with anything else, your speed will instantly decrease.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Chocobo Racing Speed ​​Balloon and Speed ​​Counter
Image credit: Eurogamer/Square Enix.

Skill balloons (red)

The red skill balloons will charge up your Chocobo’s unique skill. Each Chocobo has its own unique ability that can be used in races, but the way to activate them is the same. When you’ve collected enough balloons to fully charge the skill meter in the bottom left corner of your screen, you can press L1 to activate it.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Chocobo Running Ability Balloon and Meter Charge
Image credit: Eurogamer/Square Enix.

Tips to win a Chocobo race in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Here are some of our best tips for winning a Chocobo race in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth:

  • Use L and R1 to drift: When you drift for a long time, small flames will appear at the feet of your Chocobo. When they appear, it means you’ll get a speed boost once your drift ends. It’s always worth doing as there are plenty of opportunities to drift on a course and it can give you the final push you need to win.
  • Pay attention: each course will have its own characteristics, areas that will help you and obstacles that will get in your way. On your first lap, try to pay attention to where everything is so you know which parts you can use and other areas to avoid, such as knowing where a boost pad is or knowing which side an obstacle is on.
  • Buy Chocobo Gear – This one is best suited for when you are exploring the world around you. Fix those Chocobo stops and use the golden feathers to get gear at each location you visit. The more equipment you have, the more options you will have to customize your racing Chocobo.
  • Avoid other Chocobos: Other Chocobos count as an obstacle. If you run into one, you will lose the extra speed you gained during the lap through the speed balloons and this can slow you down.
  • Practice at Rank III – This is the first set of ranks you’ll be able to play, and each race only costs 100 Gil to participate in. There are enough tight turns and obstacles on the courses here to make them the perfect practice field, especially if you want to improve to win the higher-ranking races.
  • Inside Lane: While trying to pass a group of Chocobos, try to stay in the inside lane of the track if there is enough space between you and the other Chocobos. So when others veer off the track, try to keep your path nice and smooth.
  • Press X on Two: When the race countdown begins, hold X when it reaches Two. If you time it right, you should see your Chocobo lean back a little and this means you’ll start the race with a boost.
  • Use Balloon Abilities: There are plenty of balloons scattered around each track, so don’t be afraid to use the charges and abilities they give you as soon as they’re ready. You can always collect more balloons as you run through a course.

final fantasy 7 rebirth drifting chocobo race
Image credit: Eurogamer/Square Enix.

That is all for now! While you’re in Corel, check out our page listing all Corel Chocobo Stop locations. If you are looking to hunt for treasure, check out our pages which list all Corel Cache locations and also all Junon Cache locations.

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