Bugsnax – Snakpack upgrade: How to increase your bug inventory in Bugsnax explained

By catching Bugsnaxs in Bugsnax, you will quickly find yourself filling up your Snakpack, which is the name given to your bug inventory.

The Snakpack can be considered Bugsnax’s primary inventory, as there are only a finite number of Bugsnax capture tools and clues, so you never have to worry about managing these items.

Fortunately, you can increase your bug inventory by completing side quests and, of course, catching Bugsnax.

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Snakpack Inventory in Bugsnax Explained

Snakpack’s inventory is where you’ll find all the Bugsnax you catch, well, Bugsnax.

At the start of the game, you will only be able to have six Bugsnax in your Snakpack, but eventually this can be increased to 18.

If you capture a Bugsnax after completely filling your inventory, you will be able to select which Bugsnax you want to release, so you can keep the newly captured Bugsnax.

You can find a small overview of the errors currently in your Snakpack by looking at the bottom left corner of the screen. However, if you want a more detailed view, his journal has a page dedicated to his Snakpack inventory.

You will receive Beffica’s journal before arriving in Snaxburg, and once you have it, you can open it whenever you want.

How to Increase Your Snakpack Inventory in Bugsnax Explained

If you want to increase your Snakpack inventory in Bugsnax, you must first persuade Gramble to return to Snaxburg and reopen his ranch.

Once you’ve done that, interview Gramble and then talk to him again to start the ‘Empty Nest’. secondary mission.

To complete this side quest, you must donate the six Bugsnax you want to Gramble’s ranch. This is done by interacting with the donation box next to the Bugsnax pen and selecting which Bugsnax you want to gift to Gramble.

After donating six Bugsnac, your Snakpack will gain four additional slots, bringing the total to eight slots. Be sure to also talk to Gramble to complete the ‘Empty Nest!’ secondary mission.

You can now continue donating Bugsnax to Gramble Ranch through the donation box to unlock the next two Snakpack upgrades.

To upgrade your Snakpack to 12 inventory slots, you will need to donate 12 Bugsnax, and after this upgrade, you will need to donate 18 more Bugsnax to receive the final inventory upgrade, bringing you to a total of 18 slots.

With the Snakpack fully upgraded, you can now go out and catch the maximum amount of Bugsnax before returning to Snaxburg.

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